Thursday 27 January 2011

Snow again….

Le Sigh my loves, yes Imbolc is aroung the corner, but the winter Goddess is not giving up easily she wants ys to remermber that she still incharge right now, so we keep getting hit.

I know so many of us are starting to feel like this guy:

I get it, for the younger kids it's great, school days off, although they may not have put it together with, longer days during June so that they make up the amount of time missed. Parents however are getting tired of being stuck at home, not only does it mean your not getting paid, but there is no adult interaction, your with your kids (and we love them, but we need adult stimulation).

Look at it this way, the snow, is very beneficial. Yes I know, not when you have to shovel it, but it is, especially since we had that arctic cold snap. For areas not receiving snow or rain, there is the risk of drought during the summer, which would include rations, and no water for your gardens.  For those receiving all the snow, this means all the rivers, ponds, and tributaries which were below their normal levels last summer, should be well stocked.  I have no idea how my little lake is doing as there is so much snow I can't get to it, and way too many trees for a snowmobile. Not to mention, the snow isn't exactly stable.

Everytime the snow starts to bog oyu down, tell yourself this:

  • the extreme cold, killed off all the mosquito larvae that was waiting for spring, 
  • it also killed off a lot of the ticks
  • it forces you to relax and take time to enjoy the moment, yes we all want spring to come, but we must enjoy this moment now, before the spring
  • enjoy the sense of community shoveling the snow fosters, here some of our neighbors were ill prepared for the amount of snow we have had (I mean really who can prepare for this?) but shovels, and snowblowers have been lent, and people have helped with clearing each others driveways.
  • the clean air your breathing as it snows, the icicles capture the smog or pollution in the air and weighs it down, so the air and the atmosphere get cleaned somewhat each time it snows
  • It's a free workout- no need for  a gym, simply remember proper body mechanics and it's a free whole body workout
  • it's SNOW get out there and roll around in it, be like a child again, just make sure your bundled up properly.
Feel better soon, soon it's going to be spring and then we can all complain about the rain
Be Blessed

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