Friday 21 January 2011

Celtic Tree Month of: Rowan

Rowan  Jan 21 - Feb 17
Irish: Gaelic Name: Luis
Ogham/ Rune: l= , Nuathiz (need)
 Ruling Planet: Sun
Abilities: Protection against enchantment, protection of ley-lines, & of stone circles. highest pure magic, Control of all senses, Healing, Psychic powers, Success, To do with the element of Fire
Seasons: Spring, Autumn
Rowan: Sorbus aucuparia Deciduous 
God/Goddess: Brigid, Thor, 
Colors: Red, Grey
Aspectfeminine (in the Scandinavian traditions) Masculine (in the Celtic and Druidic traditions)

The Rowan tree is a small tree that grows up to about 30 feet, the branches of the tree rarely die, which allows the tree to maintain it's shape through out it's life time.  Rowan is a part of the rose family along with Hawthorne, Apple and Wild Cherry. this tree loves high altitudes and can be found as high up as 2500 feet, which led to it being dubbed "the Lady of the Mountain". 
It has many alternate names including: Witch Tree, Mountain Ash, Tree of Quickening, Thor's Helper and Witch Wood.

Purple, green
Herbs: Snake root, rosemary
Element: venom, earth
Goddess: Norns, Sif 
Animal: Swan, vole

Luis  in old Irish means, Luis means "blaze", or even Lus which means "herb", the other association is caetheand which means "Rowan"
Nauthiz  means: need or constraint, necessity. resistance which leads to strength, self initiated change, patience and difficult learning situations. 
As Food:
The berries are great for winter food for many birds, which is why it is also called the 'bird-catcher tree'.
For humans, particularly in the UK, the berries of the Rowan tree are used to make jams, or jellies which are used with game like deer, boar, or wild birds.
They can be substituted for coffee beans, and have been used to flavor liqueurs and in cordials.
The berries are best when they have been collected after first frost, as this helps to cut down on the parasorbic acid which can cause kidney damage, if eaten raw. These berries must be either frozen or cooked to make the acid become neutral. 

  • The Rowan tree has been a favorite of many as a perfect wand, as it is used for protection and high magic.  It also repels negative energy which makes it a perfect wand which won't need to be cleansed as the protection magic is contained within the wood itself.
  • Rowan wood is also great for use as runes
  • Wear a sprig of Rowan as a charm against charms or enchantment
  • Can be used in metal diving and dowsing
  • Add berries and bark to healing bath sachets as well as power, success and luck sachets
  • Crack the berries and inside is a tiny pentagram, which is why it is named "Witch Wood". carry a small amount of berries to increase psychic powers
  • Burn berries and bark in incense used for scryings and divination.
In Wales, branches of the Rowan tree would be hung above the beams of the front door to guard and protect the home.
Within churchyards, Rowan trees were planted to ward away evil and protect the property. And it was planted in many cemeteries, since the tree generally lived to about 100, it was believed to protect those buried beneath it.

The Rowan is sacred to Thor, because of the legend that states that the tree bent over a rapidly flowing river in which Thor was being swept away in and helped him back to shore, which gave it it's name of Thor's Helper.

More Information is found here in my video:

Information Gathered from:
My book of shadows, "A tree in your Pocket" by Jacqueline Memory Paterson, Patti's Blog, and Tree Legends. Rowan tree at
Celtic Tree Mysteries by Steve Blamires (Currently reading)

Happy New Month
Be Blessed

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