Friday 14 January 2011

There will be Balance

I went onto Julie's Fb page and noted the discussion that many where having about the concept of 'dark' "white" and "black" magic.

Now I freely admit that when I first came to the Craft that I was much like many of the people who are responding to the question, any hint that my magick wasn't all fairytale and rose beams was shot down with the quickness. As I have matured as a woman and in the Craft I have realized that magick carries no color, the INTENT of the magician determines it's strength, and it's direction, and the WILL of the Gods determine the ultimate outcome.

There has to be balance you can't be all 'white' and/or all 'dark'; mother nature doesn't operate in a vacuum of 'perfectness' and neither does magick. I personally hate the concepts of 'white' and 'black' magick as it seems to associate all things 'evil' with being of the 'dark' or black color, Yeah I'm black last time I checked I'm not in anyway shape or form evil; and all things 'perfect and right' with being of the 'white' color  (laser beam side eye on that one O_o)

It's funny how many people are still holding on to the old concept of good vs evil. personally i truly believe " a witch who can't kill is a witch who can't heal" the ancestors believed in casting curses, and the concept of being "good" and doing "white" magick only is a recent addition as it was the attempt of the older ones to make us acceptable to the christians, and say "see we aren't evil or satanist, we don't do any of the things you associate with devil worshippers".

Magic is truly what you make it, nothing can grow without "harming" something else, if this animal survives it tends to eat, smaller animals, some plants, drink water, poop in the water, it's very existence puts out both "good and bad" energy, but it is simply being itself. No real intent to harm, yet it does harm to the animals it eats, the animals in the water it just pooped in, the the plants it tramples on, yet you can't call it evil or dark it just simply is.

Yes we have the choice not to throw a curse after someone who has done their level best to destroy us, but making the choice to not do something is also a negative action, because then that person moves on to someone else and before long their are many victims instead of just you. Choosing not to defend yourself is a noble choice, but it is it's own form of abuse and negative action. It's a way for people to be victims, and for some to say :look at me woo is me I'm always a victim"

The old quote states that if you don't know that too much belladonna can kill you, then how can you know that just enough can help?? Not knowing how to curse or use "dark" magick is like going on to the playing field with half of your players, you may survive to half-time but will you really win the game??

This is my opinion and you are welcome to yours, 
However you practice, Be Blessed

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