Tuesday 11 January 2011

Book Review

Catherine Anderson "Morning Light"

Now when I first picked up the book the premise seemed awesome,
Crusty Clint Harrigan (of the same Harrigan clan as Anderson's Sun Kissed), is, at 37, a Catholic cowboy who's sworn off romance. The arrival of a cute Catholic clairvoyant in his hometown of Crystal Falls, Ore., challenges his resolve and his skepticism. Seer Loni Kendra MacEwen, still a virgin at 31, is shocked when she bumps into Clint at the grocery store. He's the dream cowboy she's had visions of her whole life, and she has recently connected those visions to visions of Trevor, an endangered boy who (along with his protective Saint Bernard) was lost in the Shoshone Wilderness Area after a river accident killed his mom and stepdad, an Oregon senator. Loni tells a resistant Clint he's the only one who can save Trevor, and soon the hunt is on. actually when you read the back of the book it doesn't say anything about them being catholic so ignore that part
 I had read books by Catherine before and loved them, I enjoyed reading books where the characters were flawed and human with their own issues and weren't all rich and perfect. (i'll review those later on). For this book I wasn't expecting the in your face christianity and catholicism. Considering almost all the books I read are pagan or wiccans or are about paranormal stuff  so this was new. 

I didn't set out to read a 'christian' book & i don't remember her other books being so overtly christian. But I decided that it's not something that could hurt me, & I didn't want to miss out on a good book.  I'm so glad I stuck with it  I'm telling you I'm a changed woman, I'm going back to.. ok let me stop right there, that's not even funny, damn I think I just lost a few subs.

All jokes aside, I know that books like people, find there way to you when you need them most & your probably wondering how this book helped me.  as you know I have written about being an empath then completely avoided doing anything deeper sometimes no matter how long  you've been 'digging deep' sometimes we skip over things. I particular love the female character because even though she had her gift her whole life she truly didn't know how to use it, she feared it, much like I do.  

This book touched deep, it was like reading some of my own thoughts. And the love Clint shows, the support, makes the wait for the one or the ones (more on that later) more bearable.  I always say a burden shared is a burden halved, but it can sometimes be hard to put into practice. This book reminded me that the Goddess much like the christian God doesn't give us gifts  & then abandon us, it's up to us to meet them 1/2 way and know that we have all we need to not just survive but LIVE fulfilling lives.

The concept of guilt despite knowing that's not what is true? too profound.And even though we may have come far from out early faiths, many of us still have it hidden deep withing and it still influences things we do and say, search it out and own it and let it go. 

This is a definite read. Simply think of the lessons about the christian god as you would lessons coming from the Goddess and you will hear (read) all you need to hear (know).

happy reading, Blessed Be

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