Thursday 27 January 2011

Let me introduce a friend

CharmingPixieFlora is an awesome witch, and mentor for many, including myself, she is so genuine and real, ans shares so much of herself with us. From everything about the craft, to her family's journey and her own personal journey becoming a teacher, a Witch and her wonderful articles and ideas on Zsusana Budapest's website.

Flora is an inspiration and a model of what a witch should strive to be, always working on your craft, not just on high holidays, but everyday, from a simple sunrise to a walk in the park. I love how her 'high' holidays are always both magical and mundane mixing  both worlds well. Leading by example that even though you are a witch 24/365 you don't have to be in "witchy" mode all the time.

Here is one of her videos for Imbolc, go to her page and check out the others.

Enjoy her videos my loves and I will see you tomorrow

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