Thursday 6 January 2011

Weekly Update and Some Changes

So as you can see I have signed up for quite a few book challenges and am currently resisting the urge to sign up for even more. Just because I know I can knock them out doesn't mean I should. I'm trying to keep the plate as evenly balanced as possible and signing up for 20 different challenges would not be balanced at all, plus you guys didn't sign up for a book review blog, you signed up to commiserate with me on my journey through life (i think). 

 So I'm going to limit the book reviews back down to one day per week like I had been doing when I first started this blog, of course, I reserved the right to change that whenever I read a really good book and wish to share immediately. 

For those who may be interested in reading the reviews they will go up on Tuesdays every week. I think I will also will just make Tuesdays all about books

Sorry for the missed posts for the last few days, i have been getting into the swing of the new year and needed to get some serious stuff done to make this year the year I really need it to be. As my mother loves to say "begin as you mean to go on", in other words start the year how you really want it to go. And I have been attempting to set up all I need to have done so that the new school year can go off without a hitch, all the while getting the behind the scenes stuff for the blogs done. 

Be on the look out for updates, and changes, and please pardon my dust as I redo and construct my little slice of the blogosphere.

Best wishes and Brightest Blessings for this new Year to all my wonderful readers

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