Saturday 22 January 2011

Imbolc Meditation & Prayers

Here are some Celtic prayers found in the Celtic folklore cooking book:

Celtic Prayer 
Everyday I pray to Bridgit 
that no fire, no flamesshall burn me 
no lake, no sea shall drown me
no sword, no spear shall wound me
no king, no chief shall insult me
All the birds shall sing for me
all the cattle shall low for me
all the insects buzz for me 
God's agnels shall protect me
Butter Prayer
to be said when making the butter, which can be done on Imbolc  to be used as part of the ritual.
 She who put beam in moon and sun
She who put food in ear and herd
She who put fish in the stream and sea
Hasten the butter up to me
Pray Bridgit, see my child a yonder
waiting for buttered bannocks white and yellow

Prayer for Brighid's Day:
can be said infront of a new stove or new fireplace in a new home

Brighid, Our Lady, queen of our hearth,
Goddess who guards the heart of our home
threefold flame who shines in the center
we honor and praise you
we offer you our words of worship
Queen of Poets, may our lives be creative
Queen of Smiths, may our lives be useful
Queen of Healers, may our lives be heatlhy
Your family is stanidng before you here
confident you will do what is right
I personally like to say it as I light the Imbolc fire in the fireplace. 

IF you have the chance you can swing by, which also has a great pagan section.  For Imbolc I love this meditataion on the Beliefnet blog.

Patti over at the page for pagans has some amazing information for anyone looking to learn about Imbolc and what it stands for, sign up for her 7 day Imbolc class you will receive information in your email

Mrs. B shared her Imbolc information on her page here.

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