Sunday 2 January 2011

12 days of Mithra-mas day 8

Snow Day January: 2nd

Just as the name states, today we honor snow. modern day Christmas or Midwinter celebrations would not be complete without it (unless of course you live in the tropics or Africa).  Despite it being a pain to shovel, snow brings so many different adventures with it. As children we enjoy, skiing, tubing, and just plain old snow ball fights. There is the magic of creating a snow man and looking to see if that hat has magic in it like frosty’s hat.

In college I remember a leaving work late one night with two co-workers, and making a dare to go tubing in on the town's hilliest parks. because we left work we had none of the things needed we created our own. We went to the local Walgreen's and split the cost of buying a box of large trash bags, we also bought huge sweatshirts and extra sweatpants. We parked across the park, grabbed our bags and went "sledding", we were having so much fun, some of the neighborhood kids came out with their sleds and tubes, and we all had a pretty good party. When the comes came rolling by, we all dropped into the snow and lay there until they left 9as the park was closed at sundown, and it was well after midnight. I remember the full moon shining down and illuminating the park and the hills, the feel of the wind as we rushed down the slopes and the laughter the impromptu party caused. 

One of my fondest memories of christmas was just before we moved to America, we had our last tropical christmas as a new family, our flight was delayed due to a snowstorm and we ended up spending christmas in Jamaica. But because most of the big things had been shipped already (including my mother’s antique Victorian christmas tree) we created our own tree including snow. We cut down big mango leaves and created our tree, my mother let us place some of her precious heirloom decorations on it, and we made some decorations as well, we had a blast creating the snow with cotton balls stretched and fluffed to look like puffy strands, with tossed on glitter to give the shimmer of icicles. Out of all the trees, the expensive trees with their Tiffany decorations, and antiques, the one I remember to this day is that tree we created with our own snow.

If it has snowed already in your area, collect some in a bowl, place it on your altar, as it sits there, thing of any fond memories you have of snow, and when they happened. Your first snowman, or first snow angel. Bring up these memories and imagine them going into the snow, once there allow the snow to melt, you can either use the snow-water to cleanse your home and bring good memories like the ones you added to it, or you can save it to use during a ritual as holy water.

Go outside (if you live with snow) have some fun, take you animals for a walk, run thru the snow, fall back create a snow angel. Imagine the dancing swirling snow flurries are the winter fairies, and allow yourself to enjoy this feeling of the Goddess and her glory.

No snow in your area?? You can still create snow for yourself with some paper or if you can crochet with a nice crochet pattern.
You can also read the legends of the different Goddesses associated with snow, and use the created snow or fresh snow as a way to honor them and acknowledge them.

Let the joy of childhood fun in the snow run thru you and enjoy the feeling of winter, pretty soon the snow will melt and Spring will be here.

How ever you choose to celebrate
Enjoy today's mission of snowbound fun
Be blessed

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