Saturday 15 January 2011

Yoga Challenge Day Recap #2

Day 3, 4 5, and 6

Day 3
Today I woke up late, and had several urgent appointments that I couldn't miss, as a consequence I was behind on everything and didn't get a chance to practice. I decided it was ok and I wasn't going to beat myself up about it. Which i tend to do as I am a bit of a perfectionist, but I let it go, as I had some prepping to do, they were calling for a huge snow storm to hit (and boy did it hit, I have a whole post about it for you).

Day 4
Today I woke up to a massive snow storm, which had dumped over two feet of snow on the foot we already had from Saturday. So instead of yoga I got my exercise thru clearing the driveway. Not a fun task when you have no where to put the snow. But we got it done and thankfully all the stretching I had been doing since the last snowfall has helped because I haven't felt any back or shoulder pain.

Day 5
Today i woke up really early (not on purpose either) and decided to do the yoga from the day before I got it done and boy it wasn't easy but it was worth it. I concentrated mostly on the Yoga journal workout which happened to be the core workout. I also then did the meditation they had, called the energy meditation and this was amazing, i was so clear headed and focused when I was done.

Day 6
I did the standing poses today from the Yoga journal workout. And boy did I work it out. I enjoyed today's lesson because I learned just how unevenly I walk, Not just walk but how I place my feet when Im sitting. Now i know when I get comfortable I'll sit with one knee under the other, and when I have my feet on the ground rarely are both of them down. Sometimes I will have one pointed and the other I will be on the outer portion of my feet, even going up the stairs I walk on the front part of my feet instead of the whole foot. these exercises helped me realize how tense my calf muscles are and how desperately I need to get back into alignment. 

the meditations included in today's class actually went well, I had fun because as I am going into the next step without realizing it. The teacher Yogi Alan Finger, would describe that this was the next move, and I would realize that I was actually already doing it, I thought it was sooo cool.

Well that's the recap for now. I share more later
Blessed Be and Namaste'

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