Wednesday 12 January 2011

Question for Ya

Am I a hypocrite?

I know I wrote how angry I was at amazon for that fiasco with the book and the media frenzy that took place. I also made the comment that I was boycotting them for a while, which I have been. I also have switched putting my links to B&N instead, but now for the challenge I'm participating in even though I'm not actually purchasing any of these books (they are free ) and I haven’t actually purchased the kindle, just downloaded the app for the PC, does that invalidate my previous comment?

I'm telling you that this blogging with integrity thing makes me feel like I'm stepping in it, if I didn't ask. I was hoping not to make anyone thing I'm a hypocrite, I'm still not purchasing the books, I mean they have taken down the controversial book, so I can't hold it against them can I?? Or am I just attempting to explain away why I have linked to them for the book reviews. I mean other than getting the books for free, I can't hold it against the authors and their amazing books that they sell on amazon can I? I mean it's not their faults, they have to earn their money and amazon is the biggest bookseller (sorry B&N but your numbers don't hold water compared to them) and of course I have recently had issues with B&N because their shipping times suck horribly. (but that's for another post).

Ugh I hate feeling like I'm going back on my word, but I'm really linking to the author's and their books, you don't have to get it there, and it's free, I'm still not exactly supporting amazon. I mean since they took it down, they never apologized for their mis-step, should I still hold it against them?? or have they made restitution by taking it down and then never mentioning it again. I admit I was hoping for someone to apologize and maybe explain how the hell that book was even listed, but it's a massive multinational company I'm not going to hold my breathe.

IDK readers, I just wanted you to know I noticed it and that I'm not being an intentional hypocrite, I just want to participate in the contest, but I still want to be a woman of my word. (being a grown up sometimes sucks, you know following thru on your word and stuff, damn)

Alright enough ramblings for now. Let me know what's your take on this in the comment section please or inbox me(it's in my profile). 
Thanks and Blessed Be

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