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Practical Magic Post 3 (the hidden post)

Hi everyone and welcome to my post for the Dark Winter, Dark Magick blog party. (this is the post I wanted to share on the practical magic blog party but was too scared to do so.)

I love this movie practical magic don’t you?? there are so many elemnts within the movie what’s not to love. My favorite parts of the moive?? well I really can't choose so I would have to say "the whole thing". 

I know many people focused on the meaning of the movie and the fact that it was one of the few movies that portrayed paganism and the craft in a really good light, Here's why I really love it, there are zombies, ghosts, and some serious dark magick, including a curse that actually came back on the family of the curser (is that even a word?) more than on the people it was really intended for.We know the story of how the first Owens woman curses the men who fall in love with an Owens woman, and how it eventually leads to Gilly being possessed. In the end, love conquers all and the ghost is banished back to hell where he belongs. 

Great, but lets discuss that little ritual Sally performed which allowed for the ghost to be banished. She used some serious old school magick, and something so simple, but effective, what is it do you ask? Why blood.
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"Blood makes the grass grow"ancient saying attributed to Cu Chulainn
The concept of the sacredness and the inherit magick of blood isn't new, it's as old as time; it is even found within the context of Christianity and their belief that they are "cleansed with the blood of Christ" when they devote themselves to him (bet many Christians never saw that one coming huh?).  Blood is life without it we can't live or function, and the ancients may not have know the exact composition of blood but they knew that much, that blood was the gift of life and therefore very sacred.
In the movie, when they are doing the exorcism they try everything, and at the last moment it is Sally's decision to "blood bond" the women that actually drives the ghost out. By connecting them through blood; she was able to lift the curse. She was unwilling to sacrifice her sister, and in fact, placed herself in harms way to bring her back, in this love was her basis which allowed her magick to work, but it was strongly aided by the blood spilled. 
moments after the ghost was thrown out of Gilly,
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The simple act of cutting and spilling blood as a sacrifice can be found in all forms of lore and rituals. Within the craft itself there are many sects which practice the spilling of blood with sacrifices or using blood magick to get things done.

Now I don't wish to offend anyone, but from my own personal standpoint & experiences, I have found that these magicks have some of the strongest Gods, and Goddesses, (they certainly respond a whole lot faster),but also demand more from their acolytes than the Gods that don't receive sacrifices. It could also be, that many of the sacrificial Gods have been around and practiced and worshiped for unbroken lengths of time (that's gotta count right?).
When I first started learning about the craft I came upon many books which discussed that when a circle or coven was formed there was a ritual of cutting each member and allowing their blood to mingle on the athame, which allowed their magick to recognize each other, as well as creating a cohesive store of magick which was unique to the coven. This of course fell out of favor when pathogens, like AIDS, began to spread. there are still many covens which practice the blood letting ritual but with more hygienic methods. 

Now I personally remember reading about Dianic Wicca which told women not to fear their periods as this was one of their most powerful times (I still ascribe to that belief today, & is possibly the reason I never saw it as an inconvenience but revealed in the knowledge that this was something only women's bodies could perform.) They even encouraged women to use their period blood within their magical practice. 

Patti over at has a great article on the history of body fluids in magic, and within the craft.
"My blood, your blood, our blood"
Sally Owens, Practical magic

Now we know Hollywood doesn't really have a grasp on the concept and practice of real magick but I find it pretty awesome when unwittingly they make these connections. Sally's blood, mixed with Gilly's and her little whispered words, pulled the magic of their entire familial line into it and released Maria Owens as well as Gilly from the curse  This showed that even though magic was strong, the real magick lay within the blood, within the women themselves, making it inherit, strong and sacred.

The other parts of the movie i will be discussing within at least two other blogs for this event, so keep and eye out for those. I will also share my personal experiences with dark magick later. let me know, what did you think of that scene below in the comment section, please.
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