Sunday 9 January 2011

Let it Snow ….

We got hit with a another snow storm on Saturday morning, I was up before the birds (I mean literally). i made bread and while it sat rising I went outside to shovel the snow from around the tires so that the cars could be moved for the snow plow to come and clear the driveway.
it was a clear and bright (considering it was like 630am) morning, the snow muffled the sounds of the warld. I don’t think anyone was awake at all,
Not even the birds, the snow made everything so white and clear, and the air was crisp and clean, 
and nothing could be heard for miles, even the trees were silent this morning.
the fluffy heavy snow weighed down the branches of many trees, but didn't snap them. 
In my yard is that the abominable snowman or my yule trees, it is definitely the green mans' face I see, peaking thru.
the wind adding her two cents to the picture
I watched the sun come up over the horizon between my house and the neighbors. 
Enjoying the way the rising reds hued the laden trees,
and lit up the furthest reaches of the limbs, like a giant paint brush had been splashed across the bright whiteness, 
slowly the birds awaken and the first craw of the crows who nest in the oak trees behind the house cuts the morning air,
it sounds like an alarm, awakening the smaller birds who begin to chirp and make their presence known,
then the stillness returns for a while, and I can feel nature within and without, yet sometimes as I’m shoveling I can’t quite the mind and connect, so I let the morning air, and the birds’ song become the backdrop of my morning and clear half the driveway, without meaning to, taking pictures as the scene changes and fascinates me. Breathing in the crisp air and the coolness, feeling Goddess all around me. 
then finally when my body has managed to over run my mind with it’s incessant complaint that we go inside, I wonder inside, take off the outer clothing, listening to the quite of the house, 
the low hum as the heat kicks on because of the cold blast that came in when I did, i was my hands, punch down the dough, shape it, make something to drink, place it in the pans to rise again and sit and watch the sun come up. I put the breads in the oven and hour later, while I check my email, and the morning news,

The bread is done two new loaves,  several 'scones' from the bread that didn't rise (they tasted pretty good actually, I left the dough in a ziploc lock bag over night and the dough was like a biscuit dough so I baked it just to see {worst case scenarios, bird food}) and the start of a beautiful day, it’s peaceful and quite, moments don’t get any better than this.

Although they are calling for more snow Wed to Thurs, ugh not looking forward to that. even if it is pretty. it also means until this stuff melts my Yuletide decorations are buried beneath the snow and won't be coming out anytime soon. 
Stay warm and safe my loves, and thank Holda for shaking her blankets on us. :P 
Blessed Be


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