Thursday 20 January 2011

I Put a Spell on You...

And now your mine….
“ A pox on both your houses” Mercutio, Romeo & Juliet

There are many reasons in which to curse someone.  And many reason in which to not do so, believe me it goes beyond ‘karma’. Hexing someone ties them to you until the spell is done with them. Le Sigh, I don’t like you enough to have you tied to me magically, but don’t get me wrong, push me and I will do what I have to do. 

When I first came into the craft I was all about trying everything and anything, and I got this spell from a fiction book. I should have known better suffice to say the spell works, rather well, O_O
If you have cause to use it, know that it works really well, and any consequences will be up to you to deal with.

To curse a Lover who has been unfaithful:
Stand beneath the light of the full moon, with a few strands of the lovers hair, tie knots as you stay the verse.
No peace find
no friend keep
no lover bind
no harvest reap
no repose take
no hunger feed
no thirst slake 
no sorrow speed
no debt repay
no fear flee
Rue the day 
you wronged me
Be my will, 
so mote it be

Adaptations and upgrades i have added:
  • to enhance the spell do it during a eclipse the magick on these nights are strong and tend to stick.
  • get a lock of hair not just several strands, you can braid it instead of tying the knots.
  • Get a candle that represents the sex of your mate (male, female candle). Dress the candle with their perfume or a scented oil that reminds you of them. 
  • If you can, load the candle with the hair after saying the chant. Light the candle and allow it to burn, once burned down, bury the candle remainder.
  • You can call on Hera, to aide in your revenge spell, as she often sought revenge against Zeus and his lovers.
  • I also added an out, a way for the spell to end, it's not exactly a nice end but it ends:

No lies shall you speak
no more hearts shall you break
no more harm you shall cause
away you will get 
when you fill this clause
If thy heart is given
let it too be cut in ribbons
when your love is given freely
when thy love is returned in full
then you shall be free.
Free you shall be 
only when you have felt the pain
you have dealt to me.

As I said the out isn't a 'nice' one, but at least they now have a chance. i said this part while burying the candle remainder. 

Original spell from "The Secret Cirlce, the Captive" by LJ Smith, adaptations are my own.
Good luck my loves

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