Wednesday 5 January 2011

Book Review: Erotica

"Julia is in love with her two poker buddies Jay and Hunter, after a regular Friday night game one of the men ups the ante, but how can she choose between the two men she has fallen in love with??"  Going All In by Jess Dee

The redeeming quality of this book: it’s free, and the sex scenes are pretty smoking (when the female character stops interrupting to worry about societies opinion of her at that moment)
Otherwise this book both amused me (with the juicy bits and at the end) & annoyed me (from the beginning to about the middle when the story really develops). I get it they play poker, but how many times can you really use poker talk while negotiating some really great sex scenes??? too many damn times that’s what, we get it you love poker MOVE ON!! 

And the heroine’s constants whining that “good girls don’t do this” maybe would have flown in say maybe 1899. Today’s women, who grew up on Sex in the City and are more Samantha than Charlotte (putting up with bad sex is a no-no), saying you can’t ask for what you need in the bedroom because of some preconceived notions is for me a big no-no. I mean really in this day and age are we not over that "good girls don't and bad girls do" mentality???

Okay not everyone grew up knowing they were going to be sexy sensual women and that one day they had to be the ones to ask for the great sex they wanted, but really girls now a days are way ahead of the curve in not just asking but enjoying it.  I get it your sheltered and you have familial issues but bringing it up ALL the time, gets annoying because it breaks the flow of the story. In my opinion, if you can string two thoughts together while having sex, your NOT DOING IT RIGHT!! Which then makes the description of the hot men sound ridiculous because, well you shouldn't be thinking you should be enjoying the great sex your describing. Also, had she never heard of a fling? Do you have to introduce both men to your parents? What if you don't go past today? Stop worrying and ENJOY the moment.

I understand the point of erotica is the sex, but I’m a woman who enjoys a good build up in my books, build characters, let me get to know them a little before they get naked, or if it’s going to be straight erotica, keep the damn issues out of it. It can’t be both, you can't bog down the otherwise good sex scenes with mental issues and fake talking; seriously who would talk like this while getting ready to get some??? I would, as the woman put my cloths back on and leave because you just killed the mood, really dude.

OK now that i have vented about the beginning of the book lets go on to the review of the whole book, once the author gets the hell outta the concept of "good girls don't do this" mode the story actually get pretty good. It's even better than the first few chapters led one to believe, the way the story plays out; the way the characters develop is really good. Yes like I said before not everyone grew up knowing they have to own their sexuality and reveal in it, but the beginning heavy handed 'society is going to judge me' was really ruining the story.

Once she got out that and the damn poker references the story really developed well. If I didn't believe in finishing the books I have started then I would have missed a good story, it shouldn't take chapters for the good stuff to start to develop but hey once you get past the idiot stuff you actually have a decent book. I enjoyed the little twist to the story as it developed as this made the characters a little more real, and then i could understand the story better. There needed to be a better balance, and this comes later in the story.

Check it out on amazon free kindle downloads (you don't even have to have a kindle to download it. Just download Kindle free apps and you will get the story; which coincidently is what i did.)

Overall, 4 stars for sex scenes, 3 for the whole book (because the middle saved the book.) 
Enjoy the book (no spoilers just some caution signs, M/M/F, and does contain some things some readers may find object-able including: anal play; M/F/M sex scenes and M/M play)

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