Sunday 16 January 2011

When the world is covered in white…


“When icicles hang by the wall”
Love’s Labour’s Lost, Shakespeare

So last night I happened to walk past the bathroom window and almost fell over. Hanging from the eaves were hundreds of icicles ranging from little daggers to full gown almost four feet. I just had to take pictures, and show them to you.

I then went out this morning and took shots from the guest room looking out the front of the house, there are even more and they sparkle so beautifully in the sunlight.

Each one is like a promise of water, the element so varied yet so true to itself, it may change forms, but it si always the same on the basic chemical level, it is always Water. I feel as if there is a lesson there, hidden within the small and large icicles trapped upon the eaves of my home.

It’s funny also to realize the snow which had fallen on the roof, which still looks like snow is actually frozen solid, and isn’t moving until it’s good and ready to warm up and become liquid enough to slide down into the gutters and run off.
I also know I won’t be venturing into the backyard anytime soon, as we didn't shovel that way, and there is well over four feet of snow from the three snow storms we got, now frozen, which means it’s just an ice rink in the backyard. hmmmm maybe I can practice my skating back there this weekend.
This one I had to turn upside down so you could see the cool forking action that is going on. I love how varied icicles can be much like the snow which formed it. No two icicles form the exact same way.
Here is my very scientific way of determining the size and width of the biggest icicle:
Seeing them in the night was startling and yet very cool.
The sharp dagger points of the largest icicle:
Some more of the icicles glowing against the night sky:
One last image:

Although according to s green building website, icicles on the roof indicate inadequate insulation in your roof, but since we just redid the attic?? I’m not sure I buy that one, especially since many of my neighbors have more or less the same amount of icicles on their roofs too.

If however you notice you have the most amount of icicles you might want to get that checked out.

I remember being younger and picking the icicles off, and eating them like pop-icicles, Gods if we only thought about the birds flying over, and all the things were probably trapped inside we wouldn't have done it. I still to this day however, make snowballs and knock them down, we make a game of it. 

Have fun with your icicles my loves

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