Tuesday 25 January 2011

Book Review

Book Title: Key of Light, Knowledge, & Love
Author: Nora Roberts
Publisher: Jove
Pages: 352
Cost; $ 0.50
How I Got it: Library Haul 
DescriptionThe life of gallery manager Malory Price is stalled when she is invited to a reception at a mansion near her small Pennsylvania town. Upon her arrival, she discovers that she is one of only three guests-all of whom are feisty young women with life challenges just like her own. Their mysterious hosts explain that centuries earlier, they allowed the souls of the three demigoddesses under their care to be stolen by a sorcerer. Legend says the demigoddesses cannot be freed until three mortal women find the keys to the glass box in which they are housed. Should they agree, Malory, Dana Steele and Zoe McCourt will each receive $25,000 to search for the keys, plus a million dollars if they succeed. They nervously accept, and Malory is the first to tackle her task, with the help of Dana's charming but commitment-phobic brother Flynn. 

My take on the book:
 This book was actually pretty good. I usually love Nora Roberts books, and this one didn't disappoint.  Malory ends up taking the offer, and gets help from her friend's brother Flynn. Dana's brother doesn't trust what is going on and insisted on butting in on the investigation going on, his dog insists on knocking over Malory.  The love story between Flynn and Malory is actually pretty good,a nd the lead up to their romance is very sweet. I personally enjoyed the banter between them. I love the legend and how it built and how Rowena and Pitte have managed to become great friends to her and the other woman. Even how much Rowena comes to care for the women and how she and Pitte have fought hard to help the women without intervening or breaking the rules placed on them.

Although I really enjoyed the first book, I have to tell the truth, as much as the premise was great for the first book, it kind of stretched thin in an attempt to stretch it into three books. I personally thought the other two stories could have been placed throughout the first book and stretched the book a little bigger, but almost all the mystery went out of story line when a lot of the questions where answered in the first book.  

I like the characters, but by the third book, I found myself struggling to finish. I even broke my own book rule, and just skipped to the end. I'm sure Key of Knowledge,and Key of Love, were meant to be great books, but I couldn't really get into them the way i did with the first book. The other two were from the library and I was so glad that I hadn't spent the money on them because I just couldn't imagine having purchased them and not enjoying them.

Normally i love anything Nora Roberts, but these books really took it out of me. I enjoyed the witchyness of it all, and the Celtic theme, the Goddesses and the Fae sprinkled throughout, but I really enjoyed the first book and the other two not so much.  After a while it just seemed like 'here is the plot' insert characters here, change names, throw in 'crazy adventure' and the couples save the day and fall in love. There seemed to be nothing original or new in each story, yes some of the characters grew and changed but mostly, same plot different names. 

I don't like not giving a good review, but I want to also be honest.
I hope you get to try the Key of Light, and perhaps try the other books as well.
Be Blessed

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