Wednesday 19 January 2011

KWW: Jamaican Hot Sauce (or Pickle Pepper)

Ever notice how spicy Jamaican food is? ever wonder where all the hotness is coming from? And how you can recreate it for yourself? Well I’m going to share one of the recipes (whoo, don’t tell my Mom)
How to make Jamaican Hot Sauce

It first starts with these
Jamaican Scotch bonnet peppers (these are from heirloom seeds from Jamaica, so they are really hot) about a dozen small ones, makes a hot pepper sauce, or 1/2 dozen large ones, will do, the more peppers the stronger the vinegar. CAUTION: this is very hot pepper so NEVER put your hands near your mouth, eyes, or nose once you have cut the peppers. 
You will also need:
  • vinegar
  • 1 large onions-sliced in circles
  • 2 large carrots-cut into medallions (cut shapes if you like)
  • a clean canning Jar, preferable without a metal lid, 
  • place cut carrots, onions and the scotch bonnet peppers (whole, and some sliced) fill the jar
  • mix and match what you put in, a layer of each will do, make it pretty if you like
  • Warm your vinegar on the stove (make enough to cover the jarred items)
  • slowly pour the vinegar on top of everything, use a slim knife and push small air bubbles out , cover everything with vinegar.
  • Cover and let set for a few months in a cool dark place the longer it sits the stronger it will be. 
You can start to use it when the carrots have lost their color, you can top it up when you notice it is low.
    You Can Use this on: 
    • fish, 
    • chicken, 
    • any meal actually, 
    • it's NOT put on when you cook, but after
    for wings, we make our wings and then add it to the hot sauce, and roll the wings around in it. PLEASE you only need about 2 TABLESPOONS for 24 wings. 

    (this one above is only a few weeks old so its, not ready yet)

    If you make this now it will be ready for summer and you can use it on your summer barbecue then.

    Happy Pickling

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