Sunday 9 January 2011

I'm just going to go ahead and say it:

Why is fox news channel still on the air?? why are they allowed to keep pretending to be a 'news channel' this is the second time that someone who listens to them has done something like this. first there was O'Reilly and the " Dr. tiller the baby killer" situation; which led to the man dieing and once again here we are. How many lives do we have to lose before people starting giving a crap??

Why is everyone down on Obama to fix this situation that's been flying around for the last 7 years; in just 2 years?? this economy didn't get this way by itself, this was the titanic heading full f*cking steam ahead, the only problem the last captain jumped ship right before we crashed, Don't blame Obama for this.

Obama can't fix this, WE need to fix this, the constitution doesn't say the President runs this; it says WE THE PEOPLE. maybe if people actually gave a shyt instead of apathetically abstaining from voting,maybe then idiots like Palin and her ilk wouldn't be allowed to run amok and poison people's minds,with their bullshyt.

"We don't have a government by the majority, we have a government by the majority that shows up" direct quote from one of our founding fathers, here's another one that people should think about "when fascism comes to america, it will be wearing the flag and carrying the cross" people really need to start taking a good look around and realizing that things can't get fixed unless we push for it to be fixed.Which means taking the little home brewed terrorist group called the tea party and start really kicking some ass, if half of what they said came out the mouths of the black panther party there would be hell to pay, but they run around spewing hate and the majority of Americans aren't calling bullshyt on it. it's pretty damn safe to say they are no longer a 'fringe fundie group' they are running in elections and sometimes winning, we have to take them seriously;otherwise we will be seeing a lot more of this crap happening.

Obama isn't some magic wizard with all the solutions in his damn back pocket. Americans f*cked up and Americans are going to have to MAN up to fix this. the minute he talks about gun control people say 'he's trying to take our freedoms' this is the result of the fear mongering and mud slinging that takes place unchecked.

when we allow people like glenn beck to have a damn tv show attempting to re-writing history, and filling the airwaves with his lies and "women" (and i use that term Goddess blessed loosely) like Ann Coulter and Sarah Palin mouthing off about what they obviously don't know and inciting a riot, they need to be held accountable, let's not pass the buck to the President, we did this by letting them continue to run amok and not standing up to mr mudock and fox news,

I'm sorry for the people who paid in blood for Americans to realize you can't just run your mouth off to fringe groups and not think something is going to happen,(as they say in Brooklyn, You talk about it I'ma be about it) I'm sorry for the parents who will be burying their child soon, I'm sorry for the congresswoman who's life will be changed forever. I'm sorry for the families who lost love ones, and the people who will have PTSD from being there.

'All it takes for evil to succeed is for a few good men to do nothing' here is the chicken coming home to roost.
Now Americans have no choice but to wake up and realize this isn't grade school and we aren't playing with just bullies, these are people's lives, and we need act as if it is more important than scoring points off the next guy by calling them all sorts of names. time for congress to wake the f*ck up this isn't the play ground anymore, act like f*cking adults and stop sharing in the idiotic behavior and racist rhetoric. 

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