Tuesday 18 January 2011

Book Review: Erotica

Double jeopardy Rachel Bo
This was one of my first exposures to Ellora's Cave and I have not stopped reading their books ever since. They have an amazing customer service line that can help you if you accidentally forget to download your link and they even have free reads as well on the page. Check them out if you have a chance.

For this story "When people aren't happy with themselves they aren't happy to see others happy, Kendall meets Josh and Sutter, tow guys who have been friends forever and who share a bond that is closer than most human beings have. But Sutter's dad doesn't like their friendship or the fact that his son is different and launches a campaign to get rid of Josh"

This is a really good story, short, but packs a pretty good punch. It deals with a little bit of magic,  a whole lot of family dynamics, and the creating of a beautiful friendship and love between the three friends. I like that it's not a perfect romance, that the female character has history and isn't fresh out of high school (nor is she brand new), she's flawed and has her own issues, and the three of them work at being better as a triad, than it just 'magically' happening. The guys also have to learn how to operate as friends and as the men who love Kendall, while learning how to live for themselves and not for their family or for appearances.
Contains: M/F/M scenes as well as M/M play.

Cowboy Double Decker by Reese Butler
(Yes I know the cover makes me glad it's an e-book)

I actually really liked this book, i have been eyeballing it for a few weeks now, just about everytime I logged onto Siren's  webpage I go looking and that's one of the one's that keeps popping up for me, so I decided "what the hell let's check it out". I am so glad I did, I didn't read the book that came before, but it doesn't matter because this book can be a stand-alone.  

" Bryan is in love with Adam's wife, and although He doesn't mind being a second he wants his own woman to love, one who won't mind being shared"

I thought "well that's a premise you haven't seen before" and boy did she live up to it. This story follows Bryan as he tempts Michaelea into coming up to the Ranch he owns with Adam and Candy, while there he tries to show her what love could feel like if she stayed, except this poor cowboy has a very old school belief about relationships. And that's a source of contention between him and Michaelea, who realizes that she has managed to fall in love with the idiot(i mean that in a good way). I loved this one because it has so many twists and turns as the lovers learn about each other, about themselves, and as they learn to heal from the past and move on. 

Personally there were times I wanted to hit Bryan over the head, and times I wanted to do the same to Michaelea, which is great because even though you as the reader can see all the mistakes about to take place they can't so it lends a bit of realism to the story. The relationship that develops between the two couples is a great example of polyamory, and I;m glad the author was able to capture that without making it seem too corny or far-fetched.  I enjoyed reading Reese's book as she is an excellent writer who makes her characters have depth and some intelligence to them, in a genre where people sometimes forget that just because it's erotica doesn't mean it shouldn't be good. 
Contains: M/F/F/M scenes, as well as Role playing, light BDSM, F/F scenes, and whole fo good times
Slow Ride by Lorelei James this is a Samhain publishing  (love the new look of the site ) book and series, and this little book is a in between story about Keely Mackay and her new husband Jack, while it ties up loose ends from other stories it also leaves quite a bit open for other books to come after, and it brings many of the lovable characters from the other books together. This is not a stand alone and if you haven't read the others particularly Keely's and Jack's story you will be kind of lost. It is a great little filler and won't take more than 20 mins to read ( at least it did for me because i have 20 uninterrupted mins before somewhere out in the cosmos someone heard me having fun and someone had to call and bother me) 

This was a free read from amazon's page for the Kindle.

Well there you have it folks there of the books I have read, look out for more reviews today.
Happy Reading

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