Monday 17 January 2011


It's the little things,  there is a school of thought that is very old but very new. It's called the Simplicity School of thought, basically it's cutting down the unnecessary clutter in your life, whether that is physical clutter, emotional clutter or mental clutter, one kind of leads into the other. It's so old it's sometimes called Feng Shui, the art of decorating to bring peace, happiness and harmony, and NO clutter.

This is a school of thought I find myself moving towards as I get older, the only "clutter" I truly have are my books, and I have been weeding out the ones I will never read and the ones that were just plain shyt to read. Slowly but surely I have been giving away, tossing and getting rid of stuff, but I swear to the Gods it's like the stuff mate and multiply when your not looking. 

Im not sure how but my basement is now full of shyt and I have no idea how have of it got there. Some of it belongs to a family member who was a little down on their luck and needed to store their things while they down graded in apartment size but it just seems like the pile has grown and no one knows whose stuff it is.  I've managed to clean out a lot of stuff in the last few months, but there always seems to be more stuff everywhere.  

I have made it my mission this year to once again see the basement floor, to declutter the hallway closet (for coats) and to once and for all completely put all my christmas decorations in one place (they are organized but some in the attic, some in the basement, some upstairs some in the garage). i totally agree with them when they say if you don't want to be cleaning or maintaining it two months from now DONT buy it, so I have been avoiding the mall, even more than ever and I have not gone to my craft stores in a while (cause I always seem to come out with some new project idea).

What are some our your simplicity goals? Enjoy the video with some ideas below

and as always Be blessed

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