Saturday 1 January 2011

Happy Solar New Year

Hello my loves
are you recovering yet?? Well, welcome the New Year 2011, this is going to be an excellent and fun filled year. Work towards all your goals, as we are in charge of our destinies.

Some minor updates and changes, I wanted to thank all the participants of the 21 days of Yule blog party, as well as those who stopped by each participants blogs and entered into giveaways; made comments, and generally enjoyed reading the posts.

I also wanted to welcome and thank all the new subscribers, to the blog. 
How i live my path maybe different from yours but hopefully we will be able to read each other's differences and not judge but gain an understanding of what make each of us beautifully unique,

As for the updates, I will be implementing the Disqus comments on my posts, so if you don't see your comments, DONT panic i didn't delete them, I changed over because it makes it easier to comment back to each poster, and allows each poster to see when I or others have replied to them And because Disqus isn't from blogger it doesn't keep the old comments, but I still have them they haven't gone anywhere

I have already started the Celtic Tree month posts, which will share some information about the tradition that influences my path greatly while sharing some information you may not have known.

I am also going to be doing the Dark Winter, Dark Magick event on The Domestic Pagan's blog. I have many things I wish to discuss and hope that you will stick around for the posts and the blog party.

I had created in November a new blog called On Alter'd Space, from a suggestion made by Wendy about doing a blog of just altar images. I wasn't sure at the time how to do it, and still am on the fence on how I wish for it to go. I know I wish to see all your altars, and would love to have a space to show mine also. Whatever else it will be will develop along with the page i'm guessing. So if your interested in having your pictures on the blog, email them to me at aishaoaktree1122 (@)*            *(removing the parenthesis of course) and I will place them up on the blog. I think I will do postings for esbats and of course Sabbats. Whatever you set your altar up for, you can even do a small description of what each item  is for and I will put it up as a post. But I was mostly thinking of pictures (being worth a thousan words and all) and the name and link to the blog of the person, where you could of course then do a blog post about it. 

I am participating in several book challenges throughout the year, if you have books you think i should check out definitely write in about them in the comment section. I will be doing reviews for all the books I read as well as attempting to knock off as many of my bucket list items off as possible. So stay tuned for all the fun & craziness. I have them listed on the sidebar, including the 100+ reading challenge, the E-book challenge, and the Show me the free E-book challenge.  and of course the iChallenge over at the Book Soulmates page.

I will also be starting a new semester on Jan 20th and I will have to concentrate more on school in the beginning (until I get into the swing of things). I am hoping this blog won’t be affected, but there are no guarantees, if it does become too difficult I will write a post and let you know.( I doubt it though I'm pretty well organized once I get into the swing of things)

I hope your New Year is going to be a Blessed and active one
Blessed Be

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