Saturday 25 December 2010

12 days of Mithra-mas day 1 Boxing Day

December 26th: Boxing Day Day of the Wren, St. Stephens Day, 
Irish: La an dreoilin

Today is Boxing Day December 26th. Today in history the old Lords and lady's traditionally boxed up their left-over Christmas feast and either gave it to their servants or had them delivered to homes of those less fortunate. 
In the Caribbean today is a day to visit all those you didn't see on Christmas. It's also a big day for games for the kids, and a chance for the adults to catch up(and lets be real, more food). 

The reason for today being associated with St, Stephens started from a legend about the saint's visit to Scandinavia. He was captured and when he was attempting to escape the wren gave it's call which woke the guards.  This has lead to the belief that the wren is unlucky and the killing of a wren on any other day is ill-advised.

Today is the day in history when the first person to kill a wren and display it was made King of the Feast of Fools.   When the saint was killed he was strapped to an unbroken horse which rode back to Saint Stephens home. This has lead to the saint's home being seen as a pilgrimage site as well as many people bringing their sick animals to the saint's grave. 
Middle age image of a mummers play courtesy of
The Mummers Plays, had young boys who would hunt the wren and then carry the bird (wither dead or alive ) back to the leaders home, when the dancing was done, the  feathers from the bird was passed out as a good luck charm. The killing of the wren was a symbol of getting rid of the past year, as it is believed the Celts viewed the Wren as the old years symbol.  Historians also believe that the killing of the Wren harkens back to the sacrifice rituals of the old European traditions, where the king was killed after a year of service.  

The theme of Boxing Day has to do with death and resurrection and animals. Today is also generally the day when most Mummers plays are performed. 

                                              To Celebrate the Animals:
Make a fruitcake and ice it and surround it with a circle of animals. they can be made from modeling clay or from the toy store. You can read the following invocation over the cake before you serve it:

Creatures of the wild world
we honor your strength
we honor your power
we honor your joy!
May you bring us
The Gift of your presence
The blessing of your truth
the Light of your being
Now and through the year to come

You can also look up Mummers Plays and attempt to re-enact them with your children, or even find some of their songs and sing those today.
Another thing to do would be to "box' up any left overs you know you won't be able to finish and share the love with either the homeless person you see regularly or give to a soup kitchen or even to one of the homes for those who are recovering, half-way homes, or even to the women's abuse shelters.

However you celebrate, have fun my loves.
Blessed be


  1. Happy Holidays, Aisha! I love this blog post.. well-written and very informative! Thank you for sharing!

  2. Every day is a special day to celebrate our woodland creatures (and domestic ones, too). Merry Christmas to you and yours, Aisha! Theresa

  3. ~a wonderful post for us this day...warm christmas wishes and brightest blessings upon you well and allow the spirit of this day to fill your heart and mind with only love and good cheer~

  4. @Kallan your welcome thanks for stopping by to read and comment.

  5. @Theresa, your right everyday (especially with cats) is a good day to remember them and thank them for their place in our lives.
    Happy Holidays to you too

  6. @faerwillow thanks so much for the blessings. I wish for you and yours the same. Blessed Be


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