Wednesday 15 December 2010

Book Review: 12 Men of Christmas,.....err i mean Dating Mr December...

I recently picked up this book to help complete my Holiday Reading Challenge requirements.
As i am reading Dating Mr. December I realize this sounds a lot like a movie i watched last year on Lifetime, called the 12 Men of Christmas. Boy, whew nothing new in the world huh, so I kept reading, then I'm like no really this is like word for word, "Holy Crap she stole the idea from the movie," then I was like "Holy Crap did she know they stole her book and made it into a t.v. movie." Why yes my loves I love to talk to myself while reading.

Then I did some research,because this was too freaky. Ok they changed somethings, some of the names, where it's located(brought it all the way cross the pond to the USA), but it's the story. So now I'm like freaking out, I go on Imdb and am really looking everything over when I realize.... err.... duh!!! Her name, Phillipa Ashley, is right at the top as writer for the novel. LOL I fell over cracking up. Since i saw the movie first I loved the movie, now that I have read the original works? Love it even more.

To help save a local rescue squad, PR expert Emma comes up with a unique twist on a fund raising activity. Think Calendar girls but for men. And there is resistance in the ranks in the form of sexy bachelor Will Tennat. Throw in Christmas, some hot men getting nekkid and you have both the movie and the book,. Although I liked the book more because they skipped a whole lot in the movie, some smoking hot love scenes and the ending was very different. Someone (a review of the movie) pointed out that in the show they went from hating each other to "bumping uglies"(so not my words) with no showing of how they got there, it's all in the book believe me.

i loved Kristin Chenoweth as the lead character in the movie, and I kinda brought her over into the book as the voice of the lead character (I just threw a British accent on there, not Madonna British, but you know a real Britsh accent like Kiera Knightley or maybe Emma Watson) This is a recommended read, I loved Bridget Jones Diary and this one reminds me kinda of that, the high jinks and the witty conversations, Yeah this is a good read.  Check it out if you have the chance, as well as the movie, since it will be showing soon again for Christmas.

Have fun my loves


  1. Hi! Thanks for joining our iChallenges. We wish you the best of luck in reaching your bookish goals and winning the prizes!

    ♥ Vanessa
    Book ♥ Soulmates

  2. Hi there, you've made me laugh out loud this morning with your very funny, witty review. Thanks!

    PS 'bumping uglies' on imdb.I had to work that one out, wondering how it translates into British... :)

    Phillipa Ashley

  3. @Vanessa Thank you for hosting the amazing challenge. I can't wait to get started. BB

  4. @Phillipa, OMG thank you, i loved reading your book. it was amazing, thanks so much for taking the time to comment. Yeah how does it translate....hmmmm LOl


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