Tuesday 28 December 2010

Book Review

As a follower of the Celtic tradition it is often times a trial to find good information and well researched books, as this is one of the most written about traditions in which many people have confused both the fairy-tales & their fantasy as a ‘true’ source of info. 

Each day we learn more about the Celts: about how they truly worshiped, what & who they were.

One of the best researched books, well written books about Yule I have found has to be Winter Solstice by John & Caitlyn Matthews. This writing duo does an amazing job researching and truly seeking to use historical accuracy (at the time of their writing for as we all know archaeology is a field that is very fluid as new information arises each day to change what we once believed to be true).  

It is my personal belief that as writers or purveyors of information that we should strive to share the accurate information, because if I change the meaning of a word here, and you change it when you have received it when it finally reaches twenty other people it's not the same and the true information or the true translation of something will be lost. This probably has to do with the fact that my mom is a professor and I heard a lot growing up that one must reference your information, and be accurate, not just make it up off the top of your head; particularity in the context of history.  There is room for interpretation, but one must strive to share what is considered to be the "truth" about events and people.

It's one of the reasons I either love books or hate them, there is almost no in between for me, because you have a responsibility (especially now  a days when people don't do their own research but simple take what they have been told to be true) to give the proper information.  As evidenced by the fact that I don't stop talking about them; they do a wonderful job. Not only do they share their research information if you wish to read it (some of which I did) they as well as give where you can learn more about something that might have intrigued you.  

This book gives a more in depth look at the traditions of christmas and where they stem from, while sharing traditions that can be added into your own celebrations which can help reconnect us to the season. Especially as many people are saying they no longer feel the magic of the season; this book would help to set your mind in a place of greater connection instead of focusing on the outer trapping so much it would help to make the season something to do consciously and with joy.

I love this book and truly believe it should belong on everyone's shelves. If you would love it too make sure to pick up a copy for yourself and maybe your family,

Bright Blessings

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