Tuesday 21 December 2010

Book Review

The goblin wood by Hilari Bell
"It's dangerous to meddle with things like that.... upsets balances..turn nature against you. And besides...if she's getting rid of the goblins, likely we hedgewitches will be next"

This story is about the hedgewitch Makenna, who's life is turned upside down when her mother is killed for practicing witchcraft.  Makenna is then left to fend for herself in a world where she no longer belongs. She makes an unlikely friend in a goblin, by entrapping him with no real magical intent, and becomes a good ally with him and his people. It's a story about what happens to the inhabitants of the Goblin wood when humans are forced from their own homes by barbarians intent on settling their lands. It's funny to read and see how quickly people are willing to look away from another's suffering if it means they live to see another day. This is Makenna's attempt to right that wrong and of course get vengeance for her mother. 

It very much mirrors a lot of our own human history and I believe that's what makes it so heart-wrenching real. The author writes a character that is flawed, lovable, and so human in her reactions, that you can't help but feel as she feels throughout the book.  The story only gets more interesting as she meets Sir Tobin a knight bent of gaining back his place and honor, among his people. And the battle between the two ensue.  How far would you go to protect your people, and who is worth dieing so another might live??

I enjoyed reading this book, even though some would consider it YA i have to wonder, how is it these are young adult books, they defiantly deal with more adult mores and issues that books when i was younger. I remember my mom getting upset about me reading Judy Blume's Forever, (gods I just aged myself didn't i, the fervor wasn't as strong in the 90s as it was in the 70s but for a Church going woman this book was akin to blaspheme, with it's premarital sex and relationships. ) she'd have a coronary about these books now. But then again she let an 11 year old read Anne Rice, (of course I didn't tell her everything about the books) so..... Anyhoo, check this one out my loves it's actually pretty good.  And the ending, well it totatlly explains so much, like why my things go missing all the time. Excuse me while i go put a bowl of milk out. Lol

Bright blessings

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