Monday 27 December 2010

Snow Storm 2010

These are the pictures from today, the day after the storm ended actually the storm ended at 9am. We went out and shoveled from 1030 to like 1230.
Well we didn't really have to shovel as we have a snow-blower, but it can't go near the cars so we had to dig those out, and clean up what it left behind.
It's funny to watch people as the wind lifts the snow from the shovels and blows it northward, how everyone stops and turns their back to the wind so the snow blows against their backs instead of into their eyes, earlier in the morning the wind wasn't as intense and the weather wasn't as cold, but as the two hours wore on it got frigid. And I was happy to turn the shovel over and head inside. 
I had the “fun” job of clearing the front porch, I can actually feel now the pain of doing it.
Here are the chairs which looked so nice only last nite with the light dusting of snow.

Even the potted plant and the water hose are covered, I can't make it to the front door period.
A friend’s mother had the nerve to say today that snow isn't heavy O_o I didn’t mean to but I snapped back “how would you know you've never shovel, your back and knees won’t allow you”. Now that might sound mean, but this woman will use her back pain and knee pain to get out of doing anything remotely looking like work, O_o but she will quickly throw on heels and head to the club, after telling you she couldn't help you because her back was hurting. Le Sigh, i’m trying but sometimes people just say the dumbest stuff and think your supposed to take it because they are your elders. Ok sorry for the mini-rant, but it just bugs me that she was willing to write our pain off because it’s not on the same level as hers. Ugh MOVING ON!!
it wasn't all work, later in the afternoon the mail truck got stuck in our drive0way because the snow plow came thru and pushed all the snow we had worked so hard to clear, right back into the end of the driveway O_o snowplow FAIL, 
but this was fun to watch. (i know sounds mean, but hey I have to get my seven chuckles somewhere) 
Give snow a minute and it will find it's way into anywhere. this is  near the garage door
The potted arrangement my mother worked so hard on which sits int he front bay window.
You can barely see the holly branches within it

What the snow looked like before we cleared it away, it's about knee deep at the moment.
looking out over the deck
there is so much snow i can't open the screen door to go out on it.
Some places lost power, but we were fine, tons of left-overs, lots of cookies, plus new movies to watch meant we were well entertained. And for those of us who simply were too tired, it was a great time to hibernate.

Although ti wasn't great snowball or snowman weather, this was great powder to go skiing and sledding on, especially since we live next to two huge hills and two parks known for their hills. several people snowshoed (is that the word? what the past tense of snowshoe??) it over to the country club and used the golf course hills as a sledding and tubing course, ahh to be young and reckless again. (shh!! I'm going later tonite)
I hope you were safe from the storm and made out ok
Be Blessed my loves


  1. Sounds like much of the same thing that's going on over here at the Jersey Shore. Today....we shall sled!

  2. @dark mother have fun, it's sooo cold here now Ugh

  3. Aisha,
    I'm glad everyone is safe and warm.
    Have fun playing in the snow and stay safe!

  4. Shoveling, regardless of the weight of the snow is hard work, It is work that I don't mind doing though, it's kind of meditative. Also it's kind of nice to just cuddle up knowing that the snow is outside and you're inside with cookies

  5. @Tmc that's exactly what I mean, it's the repetitive motion that make sit hurt not the weight of the snow, shovel weigh a lot. and the cookies are nice plus hot chocolate after the cold outside.

  6. @Td thank you i hope you are safe too. Enjoy!!!

  7. Your pictures are great! Thanks so much for sharring. From someone who has had to shovel for 15 plus years I am in total agreement. And the snow plow?? Ugh!! They can be evil!!!
    Stay safe and warm

  8. @SpiritWings thank you, your welcome, lol at the snowplows. Be safe and warm to you too. BB


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