Friday 3 December 2010

21 Days of Yule: Day 3 Yule Log Ritual

It was customary to bring the Yule log in right before it would be burned. When it came in many would greet it by scattering grain or placing a few drops of wine onto the log which would be greeted as a friend

“ Welcome Log, welcome, bring your blessings
to this house and all who dwell herein,
welcome log welcome".

Carry the log three times around the room that it will be lit in, then place in fireplace. As it is being lit you can say these words:
I light this fire as a symbol of the Midwinter light,
which is born tonight.
As I do so, I am one among many who honor
the ancestors, and the Holy ones.
I am connected to my ancestors thru this rite
. May it’s flame remind us of the returning sun and
warm us during the Winter nights.

The Yule log should burn throughout the night, and hopeful (depending on the size) into the next day. Make sure to save a piece for next Solstice as you will use this piece to light next year’s log. Traditionally this piece is considered very lucky and should be kept where it can send it’s luck out into the home..

Blessed be


  1. And have hot cocoa, spiced tea, and snacks ready for folks who attend the log during the night.

  2. I am so glad you posted yesterday about how to make a yule log as I've never attempted it and cross your fingers that I'll still be able to make one. I love this ritual and think that this year I will try to make one. Thank you Aisha.

  3. I like the graphic of the red witch. thank you for sharing.

    Blessings Fiona

  4. @MsLilypads I love this idea, I never thought of that.

  5. @Wendy Thank You, your welcome, I love the Yule log because it's such an awesome tradition to have.
    Good luck, Blessed Be

  6. @Fiona
    Thank you and welcome to the festivities
    Blessed Be

  7. I really wish I had a fireplace! But still - a Yule log with candles is a lovely alternative!

  8. Thank you so much! this is wonderful :)
    I am copying and saving!!

    Hugs for warmth and blessings,

  9. @ Susan your welcome, have fun with it, i will also be doing a Yule candle event so look out for that. Blessed Be

  10. @ Rue, yes it is, you can still do it, just don't allow the log to catch on fire, place the candles in holders instead. Best of luck
    Blessed Be


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