Wednesday 1 December 2010

KWW Day 2

Welcome back to day two of the Kitchen Witchin Wednesdays
I wanted to show you how I decorate my kitchen to bring in the elements as well as have an ‘altar’ to the Goddess. i don't have a specific Goddess for my kitchen, the decorations you see here, and I know how weird this sounds, but these are the decorations the kitchen wanted, needed or what found it's way here when the kitchen was redone. Each piece just seemed to line up, and Belong.
There are many Goddesses associated with the kitchen or hearth, in the Celtic tradition there is Habondia, who was the Goddess of Hearth, Home and Fertility, later on her worshipers were absorbed into the worship of Bride You can learn about choosing a Kitchen Goddess here
Pears are a symbol of immortality, according to the Chinese , because the pear tree lives so long, it's a symbol of longetivity. The apples of course are very pagan (I don't think I need to share that lore right?) Pears are also sacred to the Goddess Pomona(Italy) These fruits are also associated with Yule,, as the song 12 days of Christmas tells of the Partridge in the Pear tree!!

Here you can see some of the candles that are shaped like pears, as well as the decorative pears & apples in the basket,

I have a small vase with a cutting from the garden.

In the background are images of grapes and pears, more candles and a basket with ‘bread’

Heading into the corner are peach images along with a glass grape set, more pear candles and several vases that remind me of hearth.

In the corner is a plate that matches all the images I have up there, some fake plants which are all the fruits and the vase to tie it all together.

Over the window hangs so great advice “ In Everything give Thanks” this was brought back form Jamaica and is made in traditional mahogany (which is native to the island)  and has images from the island around it.

Here is a bowl from the Caribbean as well and the matching soup server to the plate on the other cupboards. 

I also have a scale, a trivet with roses,a and more decorative fruit in a bowl

A kitchen blessing on this plague, makes it one of my favorites.

Here is another living plant I have in the kitchen, it sits near the window and the sink. 

An decorative plaque saying I got at the Christmas Tree Store (my mom has one and I loved it so i got one also)

and a humorous take on kitchen duties.

Hope you liked the view of my Kitchen 'altar' and will use this to aide you in making your own. Many of the items have special memories for me so they evoke a sense of family and well-being when I see them. Harmony should be the goal of your kitchen. Weed it out to what you need and your dream kitchen will slowly evolve. 

As a general blessing for when I am cooking I say: (all the time imagining it bringing your family closer as you eat and discuss around the table, no table time during the week? Say the blessing anyway, and imagine as they eat it wherever they are that the good intentions that you imbued into the meal, being ingested by them.)

Thank you Goddess for the animals 
that have been sacrificed that I may eat
Thank you God, you who has 
given your life as this grain that I may be feed
Thank you Earth for the bounty of this meal 
and the farmers who made it possible
Thank you for family and friends who will enjoy this meal
May it guide us on our paths, 
and give us strength to walk with courage
The Goddesses's Blessings on this meal.

Thank you goddess for the meal we are about to enjoy, 
for the abundance that made it possible
Thank you 
Bright Blessings my loves



  1. I LOVE your kitchen altar - so pretty and well planned. I love the eat,drink and be merry sign! I wonder if there's any wall space left here for that???

  2. @ Aine thank you, yeah as soon as I saw my mum's I had to get one. there is always space for these fun things.
    Blessed be


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