Thursday 30 December 2010

Sympathetic New Year Magick

When i lived in New York, I used to hang out with an eclectic group of people. One of the young women i created my first 'circle' with had a friend who was a witch; she taught us the following lore:
  • Don't do anything on New Year you don't want to be doing the rest of the year., so if you have unfinished projects attempt to get them done.
  • If you can't have then done by New Years, have a plan to have them done within the first 30 days of the year, otherwise you will find an excuse not to finish them and it will hang around all year.
  • Try not to carry old year baggage or drama into the New Year, so if you have the money, try to be current on as many bill as possible.  
  • Clean up before and attempt to make the home as homely as possible so that, it's a place you wish to return to all year.
  • try to have your laundry, and ironing current so that it's not something your carrying with you all year.
  • set your goals and plans BEFORE New years, that way when the "new year" starts you have an idea of what you wish to do. Also make them realistic, and have time lines so that each thing gets done in a practical timely manner, instead of waiting til the last minute.
  • focus on the habits you wish to keep and the things you wish to have, not what is lacking or what needs to be changed, when the clock hits midnight, that's a magical hour it's called the witching hour for a reason, send a wish out for others to have their basic needs met, and thank the Gods that your basic needs have been met this year.
  • Try to do something for someone else on New Years day, (after you wake up from the hang over), either give groceries to the local food bank ( which are desperate right now) or give some of your clothing that you have sorted to the Salvation Army. Can't do any of those, there are tons more ways to help, donate blood, give your time, or even just a few dollars to any charity you wish in the name of your Goddess or God.
I also like to use this prosperity charm from Silver Ravenwolf, as it reminds me that although I may not be Melanie Gates (bill gates' wife) I am in a pretty good place.

Supplies: YOU
to enhance: 
  • begin on a full moon and repeat until the next full moon; 
  • begin when the moon first enters Aries, 
  • begin on a Sunday in the hour of the sun,
  •  perform on Beltane at the rising of the sun
Start by taking three deep breaths:
"At this moment, there is no yesterday,
at this moment there is no tomorrow,
at this moment there is only today
Goddess of abundance come to me, come to me"
Repeat until you feel yourself start to relax.
" I have clothes on my back
Food to eat, & a place to stay
Goddess of abundance come to me, come to me"
Continue to repeat the last line until you feel more relaxed, even if all of it isn't true, your putting the gratitude out there for what is true and asking for the rest. 
"I am perfectly okay, Goddess of abundance
come to me come to me"
Repeat until you have completely relaxed. Now imagine yourself as a strong tree ( I always imagine the oak) your roots deep into Mother Earth, and your branches reaching high to Father Sun. Raise your hands if this will help the visualization. Relax and allow yourself to become one with God and Goddess, with the universe, now say:
" I am one with the universe, 
& the universe will provide for me 
in every way.
Goddess of abundance 
come to me come to me"
repeat until a feeling of inner calm washes over you. Then say everything without pause and end with:
" this is true as I say 
so mote it be"
Clap your hands together, hold them out before you and say "In peace". More your hands to the right and say " in harmony". move your hands to the left, and say " in truth". bring your hands back to your chest and say:
" In love, 
May the Lord and Lady shower
their blessings upon me
I am the source
of my abundance
So mote it be!"
This always works wonders for me
I wish you many blessings this New Year
Bright Blessings


  1. Ohh thank you for sharing!
    I think I will incorporate this into my New Year's meditations...


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