Tuesday 21 December 2010

21 days of Yule day 21 Yule Ritual

The ritual i use is derived from one i got here. I love this ritual because it is so simple and straight to the point. and it works wonders for me.
How I have changed it. My quarter calls are different, as it has taken me years to find one that worked for me, and each quarter call can be as unique as you are. I also changed around the order a bit, try it as it is or change as it feels right to you.

Here is the ritual I will be doing this year, as i will be using my Yule log (which is part of it) click down to page 81-85 the ritual is listed there. 

Setup your altar with fresh greens, and your yule log front and center. Add red pillar candles to represent the returning Sun.
I will write tomorrow and let you know how it went.  why not share some of your Yule ritual with us? On your blog or in the comment section.

Hope your Yule is Blessed with the God’s Light and the Goddess’ love
Bright Blessings


  1. I absolutely love the solitary ritual and how you call the corners, just perfect. My rituals are pretty simple. Being alone the first and foremost thing that weighs on everything is that I have to do it alone and find a place and time to feel comfortable about it. I do have my altar out in the open set up all the time and this helps both to keep me focused on the Sabbat and to keep a positive energy flowing. I have never had the chance to really burn a yule log, but we have had a decorative log for years that I use each year. Previous years, I have used candles to represent the burning, but this year I'm trying something new with electric lights so they can stay on. It comes out tonight and tonight I'll light it with a very quiet and still ritual and it will remain lighted for the 12 days of Yule. I slightly mentioned in my post that I did not get to do anything eventful with the lunar eclipse and that really disappointed me. Every year I like to take today and just finish up everything, the wash, house work, jobs anything standing waiting for me. I want to feel done when I light my yule log and very ready to welcome the new.

    Merry Yule! And brightest blessings to you and yours!

    The Wytch's Mirror

  2. @Cynthia that sounds wonderful, I also missed the eclipse due to cloud cover. I am also scurrying to make sure all my things are done before new years, so i can start the new year off on a great foot.
    thanks for sharing


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