Wednesday 8 December 2010

KWW: Day 3 Clean Air

I have noticed as a kitchen witch (adept I’m still learning) that a well stocked kitchen equals a well stocked witch’s cabinet. many of the ingredients used to make some our spells work well in the kitchen. With Yule coming up, many of us are baking and wonderful smells or Yule are running throughout the house. Here is how to make those smells without baking (if your one of those who burn the cookies just looking at them, or if you wish to help hide the burned cookie smell)

Basic Yule freshener with a spell:
I dislike the smell of most air fresheners' out there, so I had to learn to make my own. I learnt this one from my mom. If you have a simmering pan it works too, if not then a small pot of water on a back burner will do.
  • Orange peels (can be fresh or dried)
  • 1 slice of lemon
  • 1-2  cinnamon sticks
  • a dash of cloves
  • 1 to 3 cups water (you can use Sun or Moon water if you have some)
Add these ingredients to the water and allow to simmer on low, you can keep adding water throughout the day, or more spices as the smells wanes.

The magickal aspect of this:recipe:
orange peel : symbolises the sun, helps the mind find new direction as well as aiding in giving new life to spiritual yearnings.Especially great for Yule.
Lemon- longevity, purification, love and friendship (according to Cunningham;s encyclopedia of magical herbs)
Cloves- are a sun herbs, great for protection spells, prosperity, and purification, great for creating a sense of safety and sacred spiritual space.
Cinnamon- is also a Sun herb, is great for protection and prosperity
When adding the items to the pot you can whisper a simple charm :

Warming herbs
blessed water
protection, prosperity, love and safety
Carry to each of those who smell this
protection, prosperity, love and safety
warming water
returning Sun
Bless those who smell this
With harm to none
My will be done

Now allow to simmer, and let the smell warm your home (don’t forget it on the burner please, it won’t smell so good when it’s burnt).
If you are interested, there are a lot of recipes listed online, here is a great website for some of the best ones I have found. Check them out and try them, come back and share which ones you love the most.
Why not share how you help to bring the scents of Yule to your home in the comment section.
Blessed Be


  1. Love this, I must use it. Do you mind if I add it to my recipe section of my BOS?


  2. Ohhh I bet this smells delightful!!
    I will definately be using it this season - thank you for sharing!

  3. @Emberlyn your most welcome thanks for sharing the KWW series with us.


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