Saturday 4 December 2010

21 Days of Yule: Day 4: Holiday Bliss Spell

There’s nothing worse than dealing with malls at this time of year, no matter how pretty they look.. The hustle and bustle the idiots who masquerade as human beings. It can be a trying time for even the sanest and most prepared of witches. There always seems to be that last minute party invite that one must go to when you are part of couple (balderdash I say, now I have to rush & get dressed and be stressed when I get there ugh…no fun). 

So I saw this article a few years ago (I believe it was in Llewellyn, I’m trying people bu 18 years of notebooks and papers, not all annotated) for a Holiday Bliss Spell, the author Laurel Reutner (hey at least I managed the proper mention) suggested that we dedicate three vanilla scented candles and place them in the bathroom, the dining room and the kitchen.And each day you lit them, an 1/2 hour and let the stress melt away

That';s all well and good, but did I mention I’m not a big fan of vanilla? (blasphemy I know) So I took this spell and changed it(and threw in stuff she never had). Now for me some of the scents that remind me of this season are of course pine, cinnamon, and bayberry (don't mix them, for the love of the Goddess that did not turn out well). I have landed on bayberry through much trial and error as a scent for the season(a big favorite here in New England). You can cheat & visit the local candle shop (the witchy shop would be better, support the local stores people all I'm saying) or if you have the time you can make it yourself. This works for either.

I'll make it easy on your no tallow (animal fat) needed, just plain melt and pour wax,
your favorite scent,
1 hour of your time (Omgosh.,. No I have all... no take the time)

Holiday Bliss Spell 101
1) Gather your items together
2) ground and center, get to sacred space, call Goddess, or God if you need to
3) place wax in container, allow to melt,
4) Remove from heat, add in scent, color, stir, give it a moment then add more things as you like (glitter, any additives)
5) As you add and stir, imagine all your favorite Yule and Christmas memories, flowing into the candle, only the good memories of family, friends, parties, the warm cozy evenings, everything, No good memories? Your in luck, imagine all the good memories to come, recall the feelings you get in circle? Add those in. the moment you knew this path was for you? add those in, every Aha moment, every good orgasmic moment of life, love, and good food, add those in. This is about your bliss, about what spells bliss for you.
6)Pour & allow your candles to cool, as they sink, add more wax to even them out, and add another memory
7) give your candles a few days to cure, so the scent settles into the candle.
You can chant a mantra, or whisper a prayer, for yourself and the world (just saying share the love) Mine goes like this:

Scented Candle
Sacred Flame
Sacred Spirit
Hear my chant as I call your name
Send love, affection, and warmth
to the four corners of this room
& of this home
Let the flame remind us of the Light Eternal
The God who returns
May his light be reflected in my heart
may I smile with my face
may I smile with it in my heart
may I shine with it from my soul
Sacred flame
sacred flame
who's light guided those before us
Let your light shine
within us all
Let us seek and find our own Spirit of Yule
Sacred Santa, ancient healer,
return to me what has been lost
thru the year
my child like hope and belief in peace 
and good will to all
Let this scent remind me
of the bliss of this season
As above so below
So mote it be
©Aisha Oaktree (use it for your own book of shadows, share it if you wish, don't however claim it as your own. Please)
Release your circle, don't you feel the beginning of bliss already?
Each time you light the candles after a stressful day, remind yourself that you have enough, a home, family, and (relative) good health, remind yourself of the gift of this season the God's return, the return of the Sun, the days are starting to get longer now (although you good fool me on a five o'clock day in New England)

Quick tip: Don't have time to do the candle?? Well your in luck, find some scent your love, apply in a bottle of water and you can scent your home as you walk thru, this active motion will engage your mind as you do it, allow the thoughts to come, laugh, cry, dance, whatever, just get blissful and enjoy the moment.

2) You can also if you have regular bulbs, purchase a bulb ring add a small amount of water(or follow the instructions found in the package), and your scent of choice and every time you turn on the light Walah you have the Bliss spell on tap or switch as the case maybe. (lol hey I had to do one..) 

This amazing post recovery is due to my amazing fb friend Jolean, Thank you so much. Smooches

Be Blissful my loves



  1. ~a blissful spell indeed...this sounds most delightful! thank you so for sharing...warm wishes and brightest blessings~

  2. I love this! Thank you for sharing!

  3. @Faerwillow, you are most welcome. Enjoy

    @Kallan You are welcome, I hope it helps Blessed Be

  4. OOH..I love this idea! I haven't made any of my own candles for a while now. Not that I need any as I have quite a stock. But this is worth doing I think.

    Also, I really don't care for Vanilla scented candles either. I love real vanilla but not in candles.

  5. 'Tis truly a spell to relax thee!

    And, ladies, remember to work with essential oils if possible (synthetic oils might give thee a headache).

  6. @MsLilypads, lol thanks for that I always forget to mention that, i simply assume and you know what they say

    @Sophia, you don't have to make them, you can use one that is already made just say you chant into it as you bless it.

    Blessed Be ladies

  7. I so NEED a spell like this, and love the idea. I have a few questions though...remember I am a newb.

    If my sacred place is somewhere outside in my yard, how do I cook my wax?

    I would need candle molds, no? (and wicks and everything else)

    Can you clarify the last part...rings?

    By the way you were my winner for yesterday, the only person who chose a number.

    Please email me your mailing info... susanscraps AT comcast DOT net

    I am not revealing what any of the winners get until the 22nd.

    Fell free to post about it on your blog after the 21rst if you like as well.
    Warm blessings,

  8. @ susan sorry about that I sent you an email about it. I might very well do a post about it too
    great question
    Blessed Be


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