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12 days of Mithra-mas: day 2:

December 27th, Mother’s Night, St. John’s Day

In the earlier days of the twelve days, they have been regarded as a supernatural time. A time when the dead are close at hand, there are many different stories across the celtic lands about the Yule Host, the Wild Hunt, the Fairy Host, being led by King Arthur, Woden, and Arawn the king ot the Celtic underworld.  

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The oldest figure is from Germany known as Frau Holle (Holda, Hulda) a better name for her would be Mother Christmas.  In Germany, she is known as Frau Gode, and if she passes a house with a open door she sends in one of her dogs, if her gift is treated wrongly bad luck will follow.  In more recent times she has become connected to Mother Carey, an american folk figure.  

Honoring the Mothers
On this day include an image of Mother Christmas on your winter shrine. 
here is a modern invocation from Diana Paxson

Holy Holla, in the heavens
A snowy featherbed you're shaking
Bless the earth with your white blanket
Moist the mantle you are making

Holla high above come riding
Your wagon rolls through winter weather
turn away your face of terror
Bless us as we bide together

Holy Holla, here we gather
send us skill in all our spinning.
Hulderfolk (gnomes)  to help in housework
Wealth and health with your aid winning

A Winter Shrine to Holda

  • Cut a handful of white yarn, fold in 1/2 and tie them with a contrasting color to create a ring.  
  • Into the hollow you can make a face and insert it there. or place a glass/crystal bead 
  • give your figure arms if you want, by wrapping the same yarn around a twig and sticking it through the belt.
  • As you place her on your shrine feel how she relates to the other figures you may have there. feel how she oversees the household of the Earth, giving all creatures what they need-food, and nurture, but also death's sweet mercy when pain and suffering become too much. Be aware that she revives all the souls that leave the earth at this time during the Solstice. And remember that she also blessed the household and helps to keep it running smoothly over the holiday season.

Information from Winter Solstice by John Matthews, 12 days of Christmas
Blessed be 

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