Sunday 26 December 2010

Mid Winter Snow


Throughout the afternoon I watched them there,
Snow-fairies falling, falling from the sky,
Whirling fantastic in the misty air,
"Snow Fairy" Claude McKay

Holda may not have given us snow on christmas or Yule, but she certainly shared with us today. here are a few pictures of the snow outside the house. This is looking out from the front porch; looking down into the front garden.
Here is two of my past christmas trees in the yard, the one on the left is about five years old, the second one about a year. We always have a small one in the den that we decorate, this one is the one from last christmas.
 This is the beginning of the first Northeast Winter storm. My black Santa and toy soldier enjoying the snow.
and the front porch's little chairs
the snow is starting to come down something fierce now i can see my neighbors house but sometimes not at all
My sister ventured out to take this picture of the front yard, then came running in becuase the wind was so fierce 
These are all the trees looking out on our cul-de-sac. 
I just love the way the snow makes everything look, and the feeling of nature as the wind blows and the snow comes down. There is a feeling like none other.

I hope you were safely enclosed in your home for this 2010 storm
Blessed Be


  1. We got knocked out here by the blizzard, glad to hear you enjoyed it as much as me.

  2. @dark mother we did ok, no power lines down, and we simply slept most of the day away, much like bears we hibernated.


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