Monday 27 December 2010

12 days of Mithra-mas day 3

December 28th Holy Innocent’s Day, Children-mass,

This is a day associated or dedicated to children.  For the christians today is the day to remember the children slaughtered on the orders of King Herod to preen the christ child from becoming king in his place.  During the middle ages this day was considered unlucky, with the belief that nothing started on this day would prosper. In Northamshire England it is known as Dyzymas Day, “ Nothing began on Dyzymas day will ever be finished”

There is also the tradition of beating children on this day, the belief being that if the children are mad to suffer today they will have no suffering the rest of the year, as well as to drive any ‘evil’ spirits out of the children.  These beating rarely involved real cruelty, the underlying theme seemed to be equality.  The beating implements are freshly gather evergreen and rosemary, a chant usually said when doing the beating is :
fresh green, long life
give me a coin”
More on the history of today is contained here on this video

How to honor the children:

We should reflect on the nature of children, think about your own childhood, and that of any offspring. consider the things you best love about children, and about the things you best loved about your childhood. Consider the good moments and the bad, think on how you have been influenced by both, consider how you have changed to keep the bad from your own children, or the children in your life.

Celebrate Childhood
  • make a list of the five qualities which best describe your childhood, and if you have children ask them what things are most important to them right now. Compare the two lists and be prepared for some surprises
  • Now compare your list to before children and after children
  • Most importantly praise your children on this day and honor the qualities of youth that never truly leave us—they are still buried somewhere inside even if you are a sage or a crone.
  • Today would be a good day to really reflect on your childhood and consider how it has impacted you as an adult, are there fears your still holding on to? beliefs that have never left, toys and treats you still remember and won’t let go of?
  • Consider donating to charity for children today or even dropping of some cloths to a local women’s shelter that takes in children as well, or even make ti a day to go and visit the children’s ward with some games and make a child’s day.
I hope these ideas inspire you and allow you to love the child within as well as those in your life. As always the information contained here was from the Winter Solstice by John Matthews.
Blessed Be


  1. "In Northamshire England it is known as Dyzymas Day, “ Nothing began on Dyzymas day will ever be finished”

    Say it ain't so! I was married to my husband on December 28, 1996 and we're still happily married!

  2. @Dark Mother ahh!! but that's t the point it's not finished!!! see it's unending in a good way lol.
    Blessed Be


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