Sunday 12 December 2010

21 days of Yule day 12 : Old Sir Christmas


I believe I mentioned that last year I did a whole series on my Youtube channel about Yule. As I was putting up my Santa’s (which I have an extensive collection) I thought why not share some of the lore of Old Sir Christmas with you. i have a lot of black Santa’s, because well I want my decorations to reflect not just my faith but me as well. So here are some of the images  of my Santa’s and the video about Old Sir Christmas.

                                                    How to Celebrate Santa:

You can give to charity, they especially need it this time of year. You can also purchase gifts for a family or child that you “adopt” You can give to animal shelters, as well, since  many animals are sacred at this time of year.  Give a gift that is about giving instead of counting on getting something back. 

I create every year a Santa ‘village' or shrine: this is this year’s rendition: This year I have the houses set-up like a mini-village seperate from the Santas, i also have evergreens (aren't they just lovely)
There are several kinds of Santa in this village, some are miniatures that can be placed on the tree others are statues.
I also have Santa mugs (yes it gets that serious around these parts). 
My Sanata rowing on little boats, and a classic Santa image.
more Santa, mugs
                          Here also is a ritual for “installing” Santa on your Yule altar.:
Create a shrine or altar with natural evergreens, stones chosen for their pleasing appearance, or meaning for you. You can add feathers, animal hides (if you have any), especially reindeer. You can create a little shelter or tepee for him to rest in, add animals of the season. You can then add milk in a saucer, (and cookies if you like). (Matthews Chapter 4:Old Sir Christmas) You can even dress your Santa up with green robes if you want, either paint it on or use felt to 'create' the robes.

Now here is the information for your viewing pleasure all about Saint Nick

Welcome Santa into your home and enjoy the spirit of Yule. Do you have any special ceremonies for Santa? Anything you do every year, like leaving a bowl of milk and cookies? Share in the comment section please.

Blessed be


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