Monday 27 December 2010

Book Review:

The Night Before Christmas  an anthology by Lori Foster, Erin McCarthy, Kathy Love,, Jill Shalvis, Kylie Adams and Katherine Garbera

Did i mention I love chick lit and erotica?? NO?? Well here is one of my favorite Christmas books to read. These little novellas are so erotic and sexy, makes me want to really be bad right before Christmas. 

The first story is by Lori Foster, and it finds Detective Parker Ross, doing his best to resist the charms of the local holiday fanatic Lily Donaldson.  He's literally the grinch that tries to resist the charm and lore to christmas.  But a decision to intervene and help Lily; puts the two together on christmas eve, and Lily does her best to change the grinch into a believer. This is a fun quick story that tries to get to the heart of what christmas should mean, and even though i have read it several times, I always tear up at the end.  

Snowed Under by Erin McCarthy is a pretty good story, about a childhood crush that blooms into a very adult love story, which Justin does his best to resist because the love interest is his best friends' kid sister. And leaves Claire with the daunting task of convincing this man that age is nothing but a slight number on a linear scale. I loved this one too, because Clair is bold and goes for what she wants, and generally gets her man.

Ms.Humbug by Jill Shalvis, Cami is in the bathroom when she notices a pair of shoes that belong to the man she is dating.A city counsel man who is moving at snail pace int he beginning relationship, but here on the christmas party is getting down with someone else, she is furious to say the least. But she gets her revenge by hooking up with an even sexier man, a man she used to butt heads with on the city counsel. He makes her see the advantage of deviating from a plan and he learns that sometimes passion comes in an unexpected neurotic woman who will turn out to be the right woman.  

I'll be home by Kathy Love is a story of ex-lovers and another chance at the life they may have had. Nothing like a snow storm, a canceled flight, and a car rental mix-up to stick you with someone you would rather not be with. and this time Rob and Erica have no other choice but to be together until they reach home, except Rob thinks Erica is getting married Christmas morning. Ohh boy!! Nothing like a silent car filled with all the words and memories of past floating around.

Seducing Scrooge by Katherine Garbera. Krista decides to take a gamble on Jackson her boss who is a workaholic. Krista, seizes the day and kidnaps her boss, in an attempt to make him realize the spirit of christmas.

The good girl's guide to a very bad christmas by Kylie Adams. Peri makes her bad girl list of things to do, it blows into the hands of walking sex on a stick , and he decides to help her make them come true. Bad girl list check, hot man check Enough said.

Enjoy these christmas treats
Blessed Be


  1. ~hhhmmm...may have to go check out a few of these...nothing like getting lost in a good book...much love light and blessings be with you always~

  2. @Faerwillow i enjoyed reading them and I hope you do too


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