Sunday 5 December 2010

Desperate Plea

Hi my loves, in my eagerness to have a new post up I was too lazy to start a new draft on windows writer and when I posted to blogger to complete my Holiday bliss post completely disappeared. Most of what i wrote happened spur of the moment, and now can't recall, if someone saved the page can you PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE email it to me so i can repost it. god's this is what happens when you get sloppy.

Please let me know, because for some Goddess forsaken reason I hadn't written down the chant, I normally write them all out, but this one was almost done and as I was putting it up to share it finished itself. Now i have no earthly clue how it ends. the pictures i can recover, but once when i need it Google didn't cache the damn page. UGHHH

Let me know please so I can put it all back up in it's witty sharpness
Blessed Be


  1. OUch!! Ths hurts! I looked to see if my computer had cached a copy of your page but I am afraid it hadn't. I really liked that spell too.

  2. @sophiadawn, I have most of the spell, but as with all things dealing with the Goddess i was typing it and it changed, some of the words went in a different order and new onces joined to end it. I have managed to recover most of the post, it won't be as witty as the last one as I can't recall everything I wrote but, it is what it is.
    Thanks though

  3. i think i have it cached in my google reader, just sent it to you through facebook

    hope it helps!!!

  4. can someone email it to me, as I never copied it, awaiting further explanation. (which I got)

    susanscraps AT comcast DOT net


  5. Hey Susan it's back up a wonderful reader had it saved on her google reader and sent it to me and put it back up this evening.
    Blessed Be


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