Monday 20 December 2010

21 days of Yule day 20: Midwinter Directional Practice

With Yule coming up, in my personal practice I sometimes celebrate all three days, the day before; the day of Yule; and the day after Yule. The day before Yule is generally reserved for any last minute decorations and my Midwinter Directional Practice
This is a simple practice:
Here are the directions and what comes with each:

Earth: cold, challenges, place of ice and snow of things waiting to germinate and be born

Air:  awakenings of new life during Spring, of peace and triumph of the Spirit

restless seas and wandering spirits, blessings of movement, emotions seeking new direction as the year begins, the journey through fall and winter

heat of life burgeoning and ripening in the earth, It is where we seek roots for our lives, the stability that hearth fire brings.

You can do this meditation at sunrise or sunset. If at sunrise then it is a time of opening or beginning, sunset is a time of closure and releasing. If you can sit where you can see the rising or setting sun that is great if not simply face the direction of the rising or setting sun (east, then west).

I simply set-up my altar with a representation or candle of each element and direction. I begin in the north, by lighting the candle and quieting the mind. I reflect on what North stands for, how it is reflected in my life, how it's reflected in nature right now. I light each additional candle from that main candle and mediate on the qualities that make up each direction during the winter.

The Solstice falls during the Winter( duh) and is a fire ceremony, but it also is a water and west elemental. I mediate on this also, sometimes i will learn new things, glean information or even come to some conclusions, It's not a time to figure things out, it's simply a time to relax and relate the elements to the season. 

i also like to use a Sunrise meditation quote from Silver Ravenwolf's Mindlight book (pg112)
"I give honor to the universe this day, 
i greet the dawn with love and pleasure in my heart
I will create my day with wisdom, clarity, and joy-----
never forgetting that the Universe and I are one
and that I have the ability to move through my day with 
peace, joy, and harmony.
I agree i will exercise this ability to the best of my potential
So (mote) be it"

For the sunset mediation, I love using this quote:
(same book pg 113)
"I give thanks to the Universe this day.
I move into the energy of dusk, with
 love, peace and joy in my heart
I drink in the softness of the night and
 the tranquility of the universal sea
May the stars light my path with love and protection
and many the moon cast her gentle, loving light into my life
as I move into the world of release and restful sleep.
 positive closure will be brought to any chaotic energies I have 
experienced this day & i ask for a blanket of peace to permeate my world"

I then record any impressions, or messages I received while meditating.
Hope this find you in a great anticipatory mood, as tomorrow is Yule and will not only have a full moon, but a lunar eclipse as well, powerful magickal night t make all sorts of charms and magickal waters and oils. I will share some tomorrow as well as my ritual.
Blessed Be


  1. I am so looking forward to tomorrow. I wish you wellness, happiness and a really awesome night. This is another great post that I have taken so much with me after reading. I would like to get caught up on my posting but then I am off to take it all in and just enjoy this Yule. The moon is just right :) and we are so blessed to be receiving this and witness to it.

    Thank you Aisha :)

    The Wytch's Mirror

  2. @Cynthia i know I am so excited to be practicing tomorrow. I can't wait. the magick is going to be great!! Have a Blessed and Magickal Yule!!!


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