Tuesday 7 December 2010

21 days of Yule: day 7 Yule Decorations


many of us have discussed how to make out own Sun symbols (see Aine’s blog for more). as I have learned to crochet I have been attempting making my own Yule decorations so that they have some meaning for me instead of just being bought at the store. I want some connection to them even if they are bought at the store. 
My mom has a story for all her heirloom decorations, and each one bring a fond memory for me as well as I remember the best years of hanging them on the tree. As my faith changed my tastes in decorations have changed, and these last few years I find myself using the more “organic” versions of decorations.
I showed you my Yule Kings, I wanted to show you some of the other decorations, so that you can get ideas of what you too can add to your celebrations. 

One of the reasons I love this season is because for those who may have been in the closet or those who are still in the closet, it’s one of the few times a year we can celebrate and go crazy with our decorations with no one knowing your celebrating the Sun’s return not the Son’s return.(unless or course you tell them)
One of the things I love the most about the Solstice are the animals. After adopting the books Winter Solstice as a guide I have gained a whole new appreciation for the animals of Yule. Everyone of course knows deer are sacred to the season, as well as to the God, I have several reindeer candle holders .You can also purchase some like these at the store

the color of course reminds us of the returning Sun and can be a symbol of the God with those who may not know your pagan being non the wiser. 
Then of course there are the stars: They are great mini pents, that no one ever notices, because they are also apart of the Yuletide seasonal decor.

And of course are the Yule trees, These mini trees can hold “silver bells” which are great pieces of holiday magick, and the colors can draw on the ancient traditions. Allowing you to celebrate in the open without being openly pagan. (for those who need to hide)
Of course nothing beats making your own decorations. here is one of the stars I made to go on the tree.

Here are a few more that I made, these are from Smoothfox check-out her blog for the patterns.

I also have ones from online. I filled these “sweets” with a wonderful holiday scent in a small bag, so that the scent will come from the tree (smells like candy, peppermint balls Yay!!)

this is the glass ball I made this year, using window paint it came out so awesome. I have a tutorial I will be putting up on YT,

 I also have a moon I crocheted that is on the ‘tree” in my craft room

it’s actually my lamp that I have covered with little crochet crafts that I like but didn’t fit with the big tree.
What are you decorations looking like? Next up, my “Nativity scene, (yes i have one) and I can’t wait for you to see it
Share about your decorations in the comment section please
Blessed Be


  1. Those trees are SO beautiful! And I have a fondness for reindeer, too. :) Great decorations here. :) Wish I could crochet - the technique is so perfect for pretty tree snowflakes. :) Theresa

  2. All of your creations are beautiful! My favorite are the deer. I love deer and those are brilliant! I still have not learned how to crochet or knit and that would be so great to know right now. I love the trees too! Everything is just beautiful :)


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