Tuesday 14 December 2010

21 days of Yule: day 14 Incense and Oils

Yule incense
by Anna Franklin

3 parts frankincense
1 part crushed juniper berries
2 drops juniper oil and orange oil
1/2 part mistletoe leaves (not berries as they are poisonous when ingested)
Mix the crushed herbs together then add the essential oils to the mix. Burn on a charcoal block.

Midwinter Incense

2 parts benzoin
1 part willow wood, crushed rowan berries
1/2 pt periwinkle flowers
1/2 part lily of the valley flower

Crush the benzoin, add the wood, mix well together then add the berries, las but not least add the flowers and crush well.

Here is s video of more Incense and Oils from my Yule Video Collection on my Youtube page. You can pause and copy down all the recipes you would like.  My Favorite youtuber Flora also has an amazing Yule selection of activities, and recipes. here.

Have a scent-sational( ha you didn't think i would let ya'll get away without at least one did you?) Yule my loves
Blessed Be

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