Sunday 5 December 2010

21 days of Yule Day 5: Carols

Silent night, Solstice Night
All is calm, all is bright
Nature slumbers in forest and glen
Till in Springtime She wakens again
Sleeping spirits grow strong!
Sleeping spirits grow strong!

One of the things I miss about being Christian is the carols. Oh the lovely carols that we sing as we decorate the tree, as we drive in the car to go visit family (of course Jamaican carols are more reggae than traditional songs, but hey it's still my tradition). 
So a few years ago I had decided screw that I'll find the most secular of songs and sing those, but they lacked a certain "Je ne sais quoi". Then on a lark I decide to type in Pagan carols, I mean Christians got Christmas and so much more that they stole...err.. I mean pilfered...err I mean "absorbed" yeah that's it O_o from us, couldn't some of the carols also be pagan in nature??

Boy was I in for a treat.  I discovered the most awesome website ever. Willow Firesongs' Pagan carols and I have never been the same since. Oh my loves if you have been dying to sing for Yule here is every song you could ever hope for, can you play the piano? the guitar? She even has Notes so you can hear what it sounds like then play them yourself!!! Ahhhh isn't it to sing for?? Why yes my loves it is.

Then this year I thought some pagan must have a voice and be able to carry a tune (I couldn't carry a tune in a bucket with special handles LOL) so I searched online, remember Lisa Thiel from Samhain? Well of course she had a Yule song too. there is of course Wintersong by Sarah MacLachlan (Goddess I wish she were a witch too), some songs are of course very Christmasy, but you can skip those (that's the beauty of Youtube. If you have Pandora, you can type in her name and create a radio station of music you can pick, her voice is so beautiful. .

Then of course I found these, Love them::
You can find several more on her page. they are all the songs from Willow's page. My favorite song:
Make sure to pop on over to Willow's page to check out the rest of the lyrics:

Pagans sing, are you listenin',
Altar's set,candles glisten,
It's a Magickal night, we're having tonight,
Dancing in a  Wiccan Wonderland.
In a Circle we can light a Yule Fire,
And await the rising of the Sun,
It's the Great Wheel turning for the new year,
Loaded with abundance and great fun.
Blades held high, censer smoking,
God and Goddess, we're invoking

Isn't this too amazing,of course I still have carols I will never give up, because they are just such classics, I simply (if I'm alone, no need to make others suffer) sing the pagan lyrics I have made up or ones from Willow's page. But there is something about Bing Cosby singing "Happy Holidays" that despite my faith change won't let go of. Ahh well..

There are few "carols" that I don't like, the one I can't stand and if you sing it near me be prepared for a black eye? The condescending " Do they know it's Christmas time?" Why do I hate that song (yes hare is a strong word, but that's what I feel) once I was old enough to understand the words? No bueno! I understand they thought they were doing a great thing raising money for Africa, but let's be real people not everyone on the Continent (yes it's not a damn country) needed help; it's a continent with several different countries, languages and cultures got it? Excellent. Did they really look at the words they were singing?  
Let's brake it down why I dislike that song

1) we don't need to pity them because they don't have snow, and here's why, they are near the equator, so they, and get it right now, say it together Never Ever  had snow.
2) Most countries are a mix of Muslim and Christian, and even then more of the countries cling to their traditional faith right along with Christianity, so believe me they aren't missing anything.
3) Not every country in Africa was in desperate need of help, only a few, yet people lump them altogether and talk down about Africa as if it's one country(, there are over 50  countries not including the islands) you wouldn't say that about the South America, or Europe, people would be quick to defend their nationalities, yet pat you on your head when you attempt to enlighten them about "the dark continent" (Okay my loves sorry, rant over* getting down of the soapbox, back on the broom*, back to our regularly scheduled post.)

Go find some new carols my loves, and if you can sing record them and put 'em on YT, we need more music. Share you favorite songs in comment section, please. as well as which "Christmas" songs you can't seem to give up.

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Make sure to enter Susan's 21 days of Yule giveaway, it's way easy to enter, and super easy to win here's a new winner everyday.

Musical Blessings my loves


  1. I love Lisa Thiel, I saw her perform quite a few times and I was even lucky enough to do a workshop with her. I'm so glad you brought her and her music up. Also, although not proclaiming it's pagan, Loreena McKennitt, who's one of my fave. singers, sings the most beautiful Winter Seasonal Songs and some Christmas songs that were originally pagan based.

  2. I also love Christmas carols and songs. Regardless of where they "absorbed" the music, the christians do have some beautiful and inspiring music.

    I am also singing-disabled. I can hear the tune fine, my voice just won't cooperate.

    I heard on the radio the other day that the guy who wrote that song, "Do They Know Its Christmas" says that it is the worst song he has ever written and it is the absolute worst song that is supposed to be christmas. And yet, he is still getting royalties from it because it is played constantly. You have excellent points about what makes it so stupid.

  3. @Wendy Omg i can't believe I forgot Loreena (bad witchy, bad) thanks for the recommendation, I don't believe I have any of her stuff on my Yule list.

    @Sophiadawn I did see that and meant to add it, he should be ashamed the lyrics of that song are just awful, and people sing-a-long like lemons and never notice the words themselves. UGh

    Like I said I still have some carols I will not stop singing they are just too beautiful.
    Blessed Be

  4. Oh wonderful pagan carols! What an amazing post, I really enjoyed this. I too will not listen to 'that' song. To be honest the Music I listen to the most is the sound track from the Grinch (the old cartoon) I have all the songs singly then the whole thing as one song. That is the true spirit of the season that I try for every year, childish and goofy maybe but still what I love.

  5. @faerieSage me too omigosh i love the original better than any other one other than jim carey version, the soundtrack for that and for nightmare before Christmas is how i start off the holiday season
    Love it
    blessed be

  6. this was very cool and interesting!!
    and thanks for the plug :)


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