Wednesday 6 October 2010

Wild Crafter's Dream

Nature's Garden:  A Guide to Identifying, Harvesting, and Preparing Edible Wild Plants,  by Samuel Thayer.

I love this book.  I have tried others and they fail ....miserably.

this book has it all, not only does he describe everything you need to determine the correct plant your looking for, he gives images to go along with it.   The author shares excellent information about the native habitats of each of the plants, and even some information about companion edible wild plants.

He includes a few recipes and information about what goes together well in a recipe.  He also has extensive information about plants that are dangerous that you may mistake edible plants for and how to spot the differences. Examples wild carrots and hemlock. I don't think i will be picking any wild carrots, not when they grow so well in my backyard.


I love this book because it has helped me to look at the local woods differently.

 Learning about edible wild plants and how to harvest them has made me feel a little closer to nature. I have found myself looking closely at the "weeds" that are around, I even spent an afternoon collecting acorns and attempting to match them to the ones in the book.

Another thing he shows you, the pests that are for each of the things you are looking for.

Well happy harvesting my loves
Bright blessings

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