Thursday 28 October 2010

Welcome Mrs B's Horde!! Part Deux

I am proud to have you here.

I love Halloween and obviously so do you (or you wouldn't be here).  There are many ways to get around the website, I have an awesome Broomstick guide at the bottom of the page with the links for each post listed there.  I also have on the side a link about me, a bucket lista movie list as well as a book list.

So scroll on down and check out the links for my 31 days of Samhain, where I discuss how I came to the craft, share witchy craft ideas, book reviews, what Samhain means to me, who my Gods are, my trip to Salem, poetry and so much more (of course its not all 31 days yet so come on back and check it out as the month roles along). On Sunday, I will share my Samhain altar and my ritual. set-up.  
Thanks so much for stopping by
Blessed Be & Happy Samhain


  1. just hopped over from mrs b's blog - love your blog and the decor---thanks for sharing so much!!

  2. Just came over from Mrs. B's blog - you have an awesome blog! I'll definitely be exploring it fully. Thanks and Happy Samhain! :-)

  3. @ Mel Mel thanks for stopping by!! join the party and enjoy the posts.
    You have a Blessed and Lovely Samhain too

  4. @ Kallan
    @ Ellie
    Thanks so much for stopping by Have a Blessed and Sacred Samhain.


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