Tuesday 5 October 2010

Halloween Reading List

Every year since I have changed paths I have re-inforced my beliefs every October with some amazing books about witches and the supernatural.
My favorite books for October are:
Bewitched by Susan Krinard, Maggie Shayne, Lisa Higdon & Amy Elizabeth Saunders.

My fave story out of the four in the series is by Maggie Shayne, (who is an open Pagan/Wiccan author).
In Everything She Does is Magick by Maggie Shayne, Aurora is an excellent physician with a magical healing touch. From the time she is an infant, the three eccentric aunts who raised her determine that it's Aurora's destiny to marry Nathan, who must remain a virgin until then. Problem is that the two have never gotten along. The aunts go to great, and sometimes ridiculous lengths to prevent Nathan from giving himself to another woman before Aurora and he learn that emotions as strong as hate are really love in disguise, and that they wouldn't hurt and bother each other so much if they didn't truly care about the other. 

Her story draws on paganism and Wicca (which she knows a lot about, nothing worse than reading a book & realizing the author really doesn't know what they are talking about) and makes for one hell of a story. The magical hijinks of the Aunts are too hilarious & kinda reminded me of Endora on Bewitched the tv show. Poor Nathan never knew what hit him, and Aurora is just so amazingly headstrong. The ritual scenes were amazing and still hold up to this day and man I personally wouldn't have taken that long to get Nathan but Hey I'm not Aurora, I loved the conflict and it really made me think, no matter how grown up we think we all are sometimes we are still reacting to our high school nicknames and drama.

Trick or Treat by Lark Eden, Lori Hendeland, Stobie Piel, Lynda Trent
My fave story out of this one is by Stobie Piel "The Shadow King"

I love anything Scottish, Irish or plain Gaelic, so this story stole my heart from  the very first page.
Cara Reid was as shocked to glimpse the ghost of legendary King Eadwig as she would have been to spot the Loch Ness Monster, and his quest to regain the crown was sheer madness. But after one caress, she knew that only her love could again make a whole man of... THE SHADOW KING

This story pulled my love of all things Gaelic and archaeology all together in one happy bundle. Love it, just love it. Eadwig's plan to steal the crown from the Queen Elizabeth had me cracking up cause really, really no matter how much magic you have that would be a feat!!   The story draws on the subject of reincarnation and completing one's tasks, it also draws you back to one's understanding of why you have been given a second chance. Does one choose vengeance or Love? Eadwig's decisions carry many repercussion, and can fix or cause even more harm than his previous life.

" ....The way to victory, paved not by vengeance, but by forgiveness..." 
The other stories are amazing too, I still can't look at a jack-o-lantern without thinking about the second story within the series:
 In 1896, Jack Keegan was doomed to wander the night, lantern held high, until he had atoned for the sins of a lifetime. But in his darkest hour, Jack realized that his love for Lucia Casale was the promise of a new dawn - for true love is the only hope... WHEN MIDNIGHT COMES 
Third book i always read:
Did i mention that when I love and author I follow them where ever they go? Until such a time as their writing starts to fail or i just move on which ever comes first.  Well again this one is an amazing anthology, but I really bought it because Maggie and Amanda were in it. I learned to love the other author because I was introduced to them here but I really bought this for Maggie and Amanda. Anyhoo, my fave story (if you can't tell by now) is by Maggie Shayne (yes again)

Under Her Spell by Maggie Shayne
A consultant for a TV series about one gorgeous witch, "white witch" Melissa St. Cloud plans to make the show authentic. But once on the set she is pulled into the arms of a man who opens up a doorway to the darkside and chilling peril.

Now this is a story, I mean, this is what I wanted to do to Charmed. Melissa is a amazingly cool witch, her understanding of herself and her faith, comes through authentically. Her morning ritual is to be envied and Alex is dreamy, but so misguided.  This story puts a new spin on psycho parents and the concept of living through your children,  I loved one of her ritual closing so much i attempted it (and kinda liked it). 
These are great stories and well worth checking out.

There are many more to my October reading list and Ill add them on as I re-read them and give them some serious reviewing. its a hard job, but someone has to do it. :P

Enjoy reading my loves

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