Tuesday 5 October 2010

These Magical

Magical Memories. By Donna Fletcher
This is a book about forgiveness, love,and reincarnation.   I was once a member of several book clubs, where they sent you books based on your preferences and you choose the books you liked and sent back the others. Well this was one of the ones I kept.  I love this book, its a very quick read and has so much fun in it.  

The story follows Tempest a witch who for the sake of mankind had to betray her love. and she has lived with the guilt ever since.  On her way home she gets into an accident with Michael, and takes him home with her to help him heal; while they are marooned in her Scotland home, she & Michael begin to fall in love, and this opens up a whole new can of worms.

Without giving away anything Tempest has a lot of work to do to get over her guilt and learning to trust after you have been hurt is very difficult.  I liked her because she was so real about her doubts and fears, and she didn't miraculously loose them because she fell in love, she had to actively work on them. Which made me love the story even more.  The smattering of magic in the story keeps it interesting (really wishing I could just pop in and out like her friends).

Its my understanding that there are other books in the series as well, since I haven't read those, can't tell how they are. But they are listed here for your convenience:
Magical Moments
Wedding Spell

Definitely worth the read if you have the time and space on your reading list.
have fun my loves


  1. I'm loving all these book reviews! I just bought a kindle so I'm writing these all down. Thanks!

  2. Thank you so much for the book reviews. I'm always on the look out for knew reading material.



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