Wednesday 6 October 2010

Yes I know its that time again

So I haven't done a blog about my weight loss for the last two weeks. I know I know Don't gimmie that look. O_o
There are several reasons (read excuses), they are valid though.  I have been sick for the last week which means no working out, if you have a chronic disease you know its best to simply rest and recover instead of "pushing through" because your only making it worse.

The week before I noticed no changes so figured why blog about that, then realized its about being accountable, so here I am, confessing to the fact that I haven't really worked out in a little while, last week before I felt the ear infection coming on I went for a hike 3 miles then did some squats, and ab work. Man i am seriously out of shape.!!!!!

Since Sunday I have been down for the count with a fever, and body pain, thinking about gettin up has been exhausting much less working out.  Its been so bad, that I who will find any excuse not to take conventional meds, took fever reducer acetaminophen and some cough syrup.  When I confessed to my BFF this she told me to go home, because she knew I didn't take meds unless it was really bad.

So today I'm attempting to recover, last night I got a decent amount of sleep, not much,but enough to not feel exhausted when I wake up.
Which bring me back to why working out can improve your health,  a good workout will help build your bodies resistance to infections and even help reduce the amount of time you are sick.  When you have good muscle tone and good muscle endurance you can heal a wound faster, and you will have a better chance in rehab than if you have no muscle tone.

Getting good rest, eating well, and hydrating adequately will greatly improve your chances of good health.

Good health comes from knowing when to push yourself and when to take the time to recover, now for me is a time to recover. next week it will be back to the workout, easing into it until i feel i can push myself.

How have you been doing? Any changes, improvements or have you been making excuses too?

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  1. thanks Gillion, I generally take herbal meds because I can't mix too many "conventional meds" with the drugs I'm taking for my lupus, I generally take honey for my cough, as this helps to sooth the throat and keep you from losing your voice as well. but ill check this out and ask my doctor about it. Blessed Be


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