Monday 11 October 2010

Frankly my dear...

I do give a damn!!!

This is Rhett before he ran into Scarlett. This movie is one I saw several years ago but never saw the beginning or the end, so  I was surprised when I saw a clip in the new Sex in the City movie, when Carrie and Mr. Big ( Rhett 2.0 for the new era)  were staying at home, and they showed the hitchhiking clip.

Carrie has nothing on Ellen, she's a pip. I loved this movie, i took a chance and watched here online at google video no less!!  This movies is amazing!! 

It all starts with Ellen who runs (swims) away from her loving but tyrannical Dad, so she can live the life she 'wants'. She meets Peter (Gables character) and there ensues an amazing array of drama on their way to New York. Throw in no money, a scheming bus passenger, a waiting fiancĂ©e and a worries father and you have one helluva movie.

Did I mention it stars Clark Gable??

He's an alpha man through this whole movie, the slap he gives her makes me laugh just thinking about it. The chemistry is just amazing between these two and you just wanted to see them in action especially after their close encounter with the detectives.

Grab a glass of wine, a nice afghan, some popcorn if you like and sit back enjoy because this movie is to die for.

That's one more off the list many more to go

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