Thursday 14 October 2010

Witch Crafts

Hey Readers

Its time to make some crafty items for fall.  I am happy to share all my fun crafts for Samhain. One of these crafts I will be giving away. If you aren't one of the lucky winners of the Rune set you can make your own.  There are several classes of runes, the most commonly used are the Futhark Runes, which are the oldest.  Originally runes weren't used in divination but were used for secret writings much like the Witches Theban Script.  
If you use the runes you should know the story of Odin and how he hung from the tree much like the hanged man in a tarot deck with no one to help and by one foot, before the runes presented themselves to him.

In the new Sabbats book by page 34..has an extraordinary runic set, which i will show you how to make some adjustments and make them pretty easily at home or make it really cheaply.

Items needed:
I purchased at my local craft store 1 set of quarter sized disks ( 1 inch circle disk Cheville Essieu 25.4mm by Lara's Crafts New Image Company) from the wood-burning and whittling section. $2.59
I have my wood burning tool  (so mine is free but if not and you wish to purchase) $25.00 (for a really versitle tool; kit)
If not woodburning then a good ball-point Calligraphy pen 2.99
Shelac (wood selant) 3.99 per can
Image of the Runes, (simply look on line or in the book page I listed above)

Quick Tip 1:You only need 25 disc and the big pack comes with 26 so you have 1 chance to mess up.
Quick Tip 2: Use the pencil to stencil the disks with the pattern of each Rune before you wood burn

How I changed the making of the runes:
1) I let each disk tell me which of the runes it really was, this can be a little time consuming but well worth it.
2) I lit my working candle as i created these items 
3) asked Odin to bless them. (the set I'm keeping)
4) TAKE your Time

Once they are done, bless them with Full moon water and leave in the black case holder on your altar for a week, handle them daily and infuse your energy into them.

To make the black case holder, find the crochet pattern here I modified mine in that i didn't make it as long and only did a few rows resulting in it looking like a pot bellied cauldron.  This pattern is fast and easy to work up and you can see me doing a demo here.  
Tip 3 If you don't know how to crochet you can still make the case from felt, simply purchase a large enough felt sheet, use fabric glue and glue the two sides together and then the opening in the top to drop your runes in, you can use ribbon to make a tie for the holder

Patti's blog on the about page has some amazing ideas also i will link those here

Hope you enjoy making your runes or other Samhain decorations. Why not share some of your Samhain craft ideas?
Fly safe sane, and crafty My loves
Blessed Be


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Thank You and Goddess Bless.