Saturday 9 October 2010

Quick Updates and Clarifications

Hi Everyone

I wanted to extend a warm and loving welcome to all my new readers. Don't feel shy to leave comments, ask questions or even point out errors if you see them.

I also wanted to come on and say up front just in case you were wondering: i am not an amazon partner, when I link to books, cds or merchandise I DON'T make a penny. I am sharing because these are books I have read, authors, and composers I love, or products I have used. I will never EVER give a review for something I have no personal experience with.
So rest assured dear readers the only person(s) we support are the creators of whatever I link to.

Unless otherwise noted all images are mine and are copyrighted I don't mind you linking to my page or even linking to the original post but please DON'T steal content with the intent to claim it as your own.

I will credit anything that I can or have written down its original source, if you see me posting something and I state I don't know where i got it, please leave a comment if you know the original author.  i have been in the craft for many years and many authors and magazines have come and gone, sometimes I copied things without writing their source down in my journals so I may not be able to credit everyone.

I will be suspending the Paranormal Telly Posts, which usually come on Thursdays, until further notice, as I have exhausted any of the Paranormal shows I watch which aren't already known to most of you.  As soon as good shows, or movies pop up which either embrace the Craft or show some good paranormal stuff, I will start it up again.

If there are things you would love for me to write about send me an email or write a comment and I will get on it as soon as I can.

Blessed Be

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